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10/23/2004 11:46:05 PM

I have made some fairly significant updates to


I guess long flights aren't all bad ;)

I have now started adding some of the posts from the forum that I feel are very significant and deserve a way to be easily accessed. If you have any posts that you find yourself especially fond of please let me know and I will add them to the document.

If you have a comment about how the document could be more useful I would love to hear about that as well.

Some of the changes are:

Filled in document overview

added posts from Avery and Cegis

changed version to 0.02

Added the attributes "component" and "developed by"

added attributes to command definitions to make it simpler to identify the type of idicator

reformatted the source doc to make auto code generation simpler

fixed details for shares outstanding

expanded many descriptions

began adding command attributes so commands can be filtered

changed examples to be before description since description are starting to get lengthy

started adding indicator developer details to each indicator


Documents are starting to get quite large and could be a problem for those with dialup connections. I hope to make an abbreviated transformation for quicker access.

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10/26/2004 12:54:20 AM

I added many links to external resouces and standardized the usage examples to make them much easier to read.

I also completly rewrote the PDF generator to make the document much easier to navigate and much smaller for downloading. I've been able to trim it down from 5 Meg to about 500K. There is still a lot of room for improvment.

Here is a very early view of what the new PDF document will look like:

Here is the original format of the PDF:

I welcome any suggestions you might have about improving the HTML or PDF documents.

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