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4/25/2014 2:58:02 PM

Noticed that DAL isn't in the SF S&P 500 list. How accurate is the current list and how often do you update it?

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4/25/2014 3:55:05 PM

If Stock Fetcher doesn't reply to this thread here you should email them directly to their customer service email address. If the S&P 500 list isn't up-to-date in a timely matter there would be a problem for all of us that use it. Thanking you for discovering this.

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4/25/2014 4:36:45 PM

I've emailed them about same issue with nasdaq 100, no TSLA for example...

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4/25/2014 8:10:20 PM

GMCR also isn't on the SF S&P 500 list. StockFetcher, can you please weigh in on when the last time the S&P 500 list was updated?

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4/26/2014 8:34:36 PM

I believe there are quite a bit more not up to date:

Not really sure about GOOG

JDSU,CLF,WPX,ANF and JCP should to my knowledge not be included.

I would advise to maintain your own watchlists.

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4/27/2014 7:57:07 AM

I have created 3 sharedlists that together represent the S&P 500 components. (that is, once SF adds ALLE to its database)

apply to sharedlist(SP1,SP2,SP3)

I would appreciate being notified here if I have missed updates.

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4/27/2014 8:16:01 AM

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have updated the S&P 500 list and are looking into why the the prior version wasn't being updated properly.

Best Regards, Support

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4/27/2014 8:58:41 AM


In my recent experiences, most of the common indexes, the numbers are off by approx 15%

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4/27/2014 11:03:44 AM

Please provide a list of indices that are off and we will investigate with our data providers.

StockFetcher Support

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4/29/2014 11:17:44 PM

The S&P list is the only one that I've checked which isn't up to date. Sounds like there are some more according to others in this forum. If the data isn't accurate from the data provider that we're all paying for, maybe it's time to switch to better one.

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