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10/23/2014 2:23:59 PM

Just wondering (as have others before me) as to whether or not you can add to the surrent filter langauge a function that would return the absolute number of stocks that meet a specific criterion. For example, the number of S&P 500 stocks that traded down for the day, or those that had an rsi(2) less than 10.

In this manner, one could develop market based health metrics that could be useful to traders. I would envision a function something like the following:


This could accept user-defined variables or be used in set{} statements and functions like count(), cma(), etc.

So it might look like

numsymbols(S&P 500, rsi(2) below 10)


numsymbols(S&P 500, rsi(2) below 10) below cma(numsymbols(S&P 500, rsi(2) below 10),20)

this would return the number of S&P 500 stocks that had an rsi(2) below 10 or in the second case whether or not this number was above/below its 20 day moving average.

Can this be done?


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10/24/2014 4:33:02 AM

Don't know if Stockfetcher can currently do exactly as you requested (that would be nice!), but I did these simple, 2 line scripts in SF and got these results (end-of-day for 10/23/2014):

Close < close 1 day ago

Result: 68

RSI(14) close below 50]

Result: 184

Are you looking for results different than above answers? If so, what?


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10/24/2014 10:59:24 AM

Kevin, I've always gotten a quicker response from SF by emailing a request to support. FWIW.

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10/24/2014 11:42:18 AM

True - but there is no reason for them to ignore requests that come from (and through) the forums. I have little doubt that they have already seen this, but for some reason feel no need to respond to requests made in the forums. Just look at how many unanswered requests are still in the Backtesting forum.

Nonetheless I still try to get them to engage here since I think the other forum members can benefit more directly.

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10/24/2014 12:05:31 PM

Sorry for the delay in our response, we did read your initial message yesterday afternoon. However, we wanted to take some time to fully understand and research instead of immediately responding with "we will look into it".

Due to performance considerations it is very unlikely we will add this feature to StockFetcher. Assuming we correctly understand your request, you are effectively looking for a measure in a filter based on the results from a filter. In other words, this would be comparable to the resources required to run a backtest for every filter result/chart.

If you have any questions, or if we missed the mark as far as what you are looking for, please let us know.

StockFetcher Support

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10/24/2014 1:12:59 PM

Hi Kevin,
I'm NO filter queen ... just foolin' around ..
This plots the 10 day MA on the rsi2.
You want to see the rsi(2) below the cma(10), correct?

Show stocks where market is sp500
and price has been decreasing the 1 last day
and rsi(2) < 10
draw cma(rsi(2),10)

Whoops! I had to modify and make the filter "unclickable" as I'm not sure whether "clickable" filters show charts with your indicators or mine, so just cut n' paste. At the moment I'm running this, I get 3 stocks.

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10/24/2014 3:26:12 PM

yes and no - I want to know the number of stocks that had this particular event occur, and take that number and perform further analysis on it just like any other indicator output.

Think of it like this

S&P 500
rsi(2) below 10

Today this gives only 1 stock out of the entire S&P 500 (AMZN). But two weeks ago there were 131 stocks that met this criterion. That information could be plotted over time to show trends in the market - or you could put BBs around this data and look for oversold/overbought signals based on the market components rather than the SPY as an individual stock.

The fact is that other programs (specifically Stratasearch) provide exactly this functionality, and there is no valid reason why SF could not as well.

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10/27/2014 3:42:48 PM

Hi Kevin -

We sure wish it was a simple as you make it sound! If we are not mistaken StrataSearch is a Windows-based application that installs locally on your Windows PC and relies on your PC's resources? As I am sure you are no doubt aware, StockFetcher is much different, as all of the data and computations are done in our server environment -- an environment shared by many users at the same time!

Having your local PC as the compute engine provides a great deal of power and flexibility to enable the computations that can be done. That said, we feel like we are able to provide a fairly high level of complexity through StockFetcher even though it doesn't require special software/resources (or specific operating systems) on your part outside of a modern internet browser.

We'd sure like to do everything you mention, but that is probably not possible, and is why options exist.

StockFetcher Support

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