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2/25/2005 12:29:57 AM

user guide "last updated on 7/8/2003"

I dont have a clue how many people subscribe to this service, but isnt it enough to pay for some interaction from management?

heck if it isnt enough, go ahaid and raise the price and i bet you will keep your members, and make enough where you can hire some coders to hang around and help us with questions or filters or whatever.

I mean i have been a member for maybe 3 months now? i dont even know who owns or moderates this site/service/tool !

I have seen countless requests for help that just go unanswered. How do those *paying* members feel about that? Being one of them i can say it doesnt feel good.

This is such an amazing tool, i really hate having any negative feelings at all, but some of this stuff bothers me.

hope my post didnt offend anyone, im just in a craby mood and wanted to take it out on someone, heh.

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2/25/2005 7:38:33 AM

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've corrected the message in the upper right hand corner of the StockFetcher pages (this was reverted during a recent build). A new version of the user guide was made available 12/28/04.

Also here is a link to the recent announcement on the latest release of the manual:

We mainly monitor the "Comments, Bug and Requests" forum and make note of all user's requests. At the moment we're devoting all of our resources to a powerful back-testing tool so you'll have to pardon our silence until we're able to roll this out. We plan to jump on many of the other features after the back-testing tool is up and running.

As always, if you have any questions that require answers from us rather than members in general, feel free email us at

Best regards,
Steve Support

StockFetcher Forums · General Discussion · SF needs some active moderators IMHO<< >>Post Follow-up

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