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5/29/2022 11:44:49 AM


Does anyone swing trade using weekly charts, or daily? And, if so, any additional criteria, etc. is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all


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5/29/2022 2:15:51 PM

Using PPO 10,24,8 as momentum and CMF as buying pressure on a stock.

1. Sort the P20 column with 1 being the most recent stocks where price crossed above the 20 day moving average.

2. On the CMF column's all 4 should show positive flows. The first 2 or 3 should be at least.
On a chart one can draw red trend line's show uptrends in the CMF meaning buying pressure coming back into that stock.

3. Draw a red resistance line to show price is above previous downtrend .

4. PPO 10,24,8 is Momentum and CMF are for buy pressure of a stock.

5. Put on watch list for tomorrow.

6. The EMA 5 ,10,15 movements show above or below the MA 20 are just part of showing trends above or below the MA 20. They ARE NOT part of the trading criteria.

7. RSI 14 shows are for over the 70 line as being in over brought territory and could be subject for selling pressure. RSI 14 can stay for days above the 70 line in strong upward momentum stocks. Just remember every trader every where see's the same thing and be ready to sell as other's are doing the same thing. Keep you're stop loss on mental stop loss real short.

8. Momentum stock playing goes hand in hand with the rest of the markets. If markets are bearish the there's a higher chance that bearishness will crossover to other stocks.

9 Below filter is S& P 500.

RJF is on a 2nd day price cross above the 20 day moving average with the PPO 10,24,8 momentum being positive and the CMF's having positive buy pressure.

and price above ma(20)

and Average Volume(30) is above 200000
offset is 0
market is not otcbb
market is not etf
chart-time is 3 months
s&p 500
do not draw Average Day Range(30)

/* p20 is number of consecutive days price above (+)/below(-) previous MA(20) */
set{price20b,days( price is above MA(20) ,250)}
set{price20a,days( price is below MA(20) ,250)}
set{p20, price20a - price20b} and add column p20 {p20}
do not Draw p20

Set{cntp20,count( price > ma(20) ,1)}
draw cntp20
Set{cntp20b,count( price < ma(20) ,1)}
draw cntp20b

/* ma20 is number of consecutive days ma(20) above (+)/below(-) previous MA(20) */
set{ma2020b,days( ma(20) is above MA(20) one day ago ,250)}
set{ma2020a,days( ma(20) is below MA(20) one day ago ,250)}
set{ma2020, ma2020a - ma2020b} and add column ma2020 {ma2020}
do not Draw ma2020
Set{cntma2020,count( ma(20) > ma(20) one day ago ,1)}
draw cntma2020
Set{cntma2020b,count( ma(20) < ma(20) one day ago ,1)}
draw cntma2020b

draw CMA(ppo(10,24),8) on PPO(10,24) plot
add column separator
add column separator
draw CMF(5) line at 0.00
draw cma(CMF(5),7)
draw CMF(10) line at 0.00
draw cma(CMF(10),7)
draw CMF(15) line at 0.00
draw cma(CMF(20),7)
draw CMF(20) line at 0.00
draw cma(CMF(15),7)
add column CMF(5)
add column CMF(10)
add column CMF(15)
add column CMF(20)

add column separator
add column separator

add column separator
add column separator

* /e5e10 is number of consecutive days ema(5) above (+)/below(-) previous eMA(5) one day ago / *
set{e5e10b,days( ema(5) is above eMA(10) ,250)}
set{e5e10a,days( ema(5) is below eMA(10) ,250)}
set{e5e10, e5e10a - e5e10b} and add column e5e10 {e5e10}

Set{cnte5e10,count( ema(5) > ema(10) ,1)}
draw cnte5e10

Set{cnte5e10b,count( ema(5) < ema(10) ,1)}

draw cnte5e10b

/* e5m20 is number of consecutive days EMA(5) above (+)/below(-) previous ma(20) */
set{e5m20b,days( ema(5) is above ma(20) ,250)}
set{e5m20a,days( ema(5) is below ma(20),250)}
set{e5m20, e5m20a - e5m20b} and add column e5m20 {e5m20}

Set{cntema5abovema20,count( eMA(5) > ma(20),1)}
draw cntema5abovema20

Set{cntema5abovema20b,count( eMA(5)< ma(20),1)}

draw cntema5abovema20b

/* e10m20 is number of consecutive days EMA(10) above (+)/below(-) previous Ma(20) */
set{e10m20b,days( ema(10) is above ma(20) ,250)}
set{e10m20a,days( ema(10) is below ma(20),250)}
set{e10m20, e10m20a - e10m20b} and add column e10m20 {e10m20}

Set{cnte10m20,count( eMA(10) > ma(20),1)}
draw cnte10m20

Set{cnte10m20b,count( eMA(10)< ma(20),1)}
draw cnte10m20b

/* e15m20 is number of consecutive days EMA(15) above (+)/below(-) previous Ma(20) */
set{e15m20b,days( ema(15) is above ma(20) ,250)}
set{e15m20a,days( ema(15) is below ma(20),250)}
set{e15m20, e15m20a - e15m20b} and add column e15m20 {e15m20}

Set{cnte15m20,count( eMA(15) > ma(20),1)}
draw cnte15m20

Set{cnte15m20b,count( eMA(15)< ma(20),1)}

draw cnte15m20b

add column separator
add column separator

draw rsi(14) line at 70.00
draw rsi(14) line at 50.00
draw cma(RSI(14),9)
/* rsi14over40 is number of consecutive days rsi(14) above (+)/below(-) previous 40.00 */
set{rsi14over40b,days( rsi(14) is above 40.00 ,250)}
set{rsi14over40a,days( rsi(14) is below 40.00 ,250)}
set{rsi14/40, rsi14over40a - rsi14over40b} and add column rsi14/40 {rsi4/40}

Set{cntrsi14over40line,count( rsi(14) > 40.00 ,1)}
draw cntrsi14over40line
Set{cntrsi14over40lineb,count( rsi(14) < 40.00 ,1)}
draw cntrsi14over40lineb

draw ema(5)
draw ema(10)
draw ema(15)


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5/29/2022 2:28:17 PM

Here is a Adobe PDF file of 12 pages showing the Double bottom breakout strategy using the PPO and CMF indicator's. I downloaded from and have made it shareable on my Google drive.

Double bottom breakout strategy

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5/30/2022 11:40:41 AM

I use a weekly filter looking for volatility. I look for slope and RVI line below the 50 line.
chart-display is weekly
chart-time is 12 weeks
Volume(30) > 123456
Draw 5-day slope of rvi(2,2) < 50
draw rvi(2,2) line at 50

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6/1/2022 1:58:22 PM

Thanks to All!!

All info extremely helpful!!

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