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9/17/2003 11:34:59 PM

I know this is not related to StockFetcher ... we can't screen for it, so excuse me for putting this here, but I figured I may find some answers here.

There are some stocks that have high %short interest. Like
MXT .... 31.24% short interest ...(18,053,904 short)
ION .... 30.83% short interest ...(5,411,922 short)
AMR .... 27.69% short interest ...(43,986,880 short)

These are some big numbers ...
Exponential move seems inevitable!

If the price begins to climb, these guys are going to get nervous and need to cover these shorts before they lose their shirts. This will fuel even more buying as the buyers will be unproprtional. They have alot of "shorts sells" to cover. There will be few sellers...and a ton of buyers ... ouch !

..or the reverse ... the price starts falling until it becomes appealing to the holders of the shorts to buy ... to cover their short selling. This will cause the price to start climbing again ...and more the frenzy will start driving the price up very quickly.


Anyone ever looked into this ? ... your thoughts ? ... maybe we can get this feature added into our screens, if enough of us request it ...

Thanks in advance for your views/ opinions !

Fare Well !

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2/18/2004 9:27:26 AM


I just recently began to consider this, while watching TASR. TASR has over 50% short for the last few months. The price exploded up, when the shorts had to cover. It seems the only info I find on different websites is a month behind, so it may be that the number of shorts only comes out as monthly data.

Do you have a website with up to date data?

Also look at CALM, it has over 60% short.

This is something SF should add, if possible.


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2/18/2004 5:15:32 PM

Try Bernie Shaeffer's Site:


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2/18/2004 7:27:10 PM

Here is a few sites that have free screening tools for fundamentals,

You might want to check this site and see if the data is current,

Here's another with short interest as a parameter,

Last I looked WSTL had big short interest also.

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2/19/2004 10:41:52 PM

Trek ...
Well ... all the reasoning says this would flag a goldmine !!! ... but I never saw that exponential move ...

I still look at the short interest ... but don't use it to pick a stock. I will watch you "CALM" ....

I do get up to date short ratio .... I have it in an xls spreadsheet that updates every 5 seconds. It harvests the info from the internet ...and puts it into my spreadsheet...If your into it, check out tells me when to sell too... You have to download it...and knowing excel sure helps !

Fare Well !

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