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5/11/2006 5:19:35 AM

Is it a good opportunity to pick up this stock now?

Please advice


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5/11/2006 7:54:52 AM

I would say: NO!!!

Statistics say your doomed to loose money...

Approach Information
Approach Name: close-to-open gap below -5 the past 2 days day cha...
Test started on 12/31/2003 ended on 12/30/2005, covering 504 days
Filter used:
close-to-open gap below -5 the past 2 days
day change below -5 the past 3 days
avgvol(90) above 250000
close above .5

Trade Statistics
There were 17 total stocks entered. Of those, 17 or 100.00% were complete and or 0.00% were open.
Of the 17 completed trades, 6 trades or 35.29%resulted in a net gain.
Your average net change for completed trades was: -4.56%.
The average draw down of your approach was: -18.41%.
The average max profit of your approach was: 23.27%
The Reward/Risk ratio for this approach is: 0.48
Annualized Return on Investment (ROI): -225.50%, the ROI of ^SPX was: 6.12%.

Exit Statistics
Stop Loss was triggered 0 times or 0.00% of the time.
Stop Profit was triggered 0 times or 0.00% of the time.
Trailing Stop Loss was triggered 0 times or 0.00% of the time.
You held for the maximum period of time (5 days) 17 times or 100.00% of the time.
An exit trigger was executed 0 times or 0.00% of the time.

Statistics By Holding Period
 Completed10 day chg20 day chg30 day chg40 day chg50 day chg
Win/Loss Ratio:0.60:11.00:10.70:10.42:10.42:10.55:1
Net Change:-4.56%-5.18%-14.24%-13.46%-19.15%-20.56%

Statistics By Variable: Match Price
10 day chg4:40:20:11:01:00:1--2:0-
20 day chg4:50:20:10:11:00:1--2:0-
30 day chg3:60:20:10:10:10:1--2:0-
40 day chg3:60:20:10:10:10:1--2:0-
50 day chg4:50:20:10:10:10:1--2:0-

Statistics By Variable: Average Volume
10 day chg6:6-0:11:0--1:00:1--
20 day chg5:8-0:11:0--1:00:1--
30 day chg4:9-0:11:0--0:10:1--
40 day chg4:9-0:11:0--0:10:1--
50 day chg5:8-0:11:0--0:10:1--

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5/11/2006 9:01:12 AM

Haven't checked the fundamentals on this stock but the technicals are enough. You want to try to catch a falling dagger? Look at the volume on the decline man! At least wait until the selling volume dries up and you get a high volume bounce off support or it congests on low volume and then breaks out to new highs.

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5/11/2006 12:19:23 PM

"if you have to ask you shouldn't be trading! L.R.

Why are asking? Why? Seriously. Do you need someone to pull the trigger for ? Or take responsibility?

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5/11/2006 3:37:44 PM

XSNX is running nicely, up over 20% today. I bought it when Rump recommended it a few weeks ago. Thanks Rump!

Another one that looks good and just started to run nicely is MLPH.

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5/11/2006 4:42:54 PM

well, statistics say so...

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5/11/2006 8:18:13 PM

Bought this morning at .99 for a five day hold.
For better or worse..........


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5/13/2006 3:55:02 AM

Thanks to all of you for your replies

Statistics are not every thing, i am sure you know that trading is not only a science but also, it is an ART. The way each stocks movies is unique, every stock has its own signature.
You can depend on it if you watch the stock for enough time by utilizing TA and FA.

I just wanted a second opinion, what is wrong with that? I feel that you take your life too seriously. Please Relax

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5/13/2006 4:00:31 AM

Right now I would say yes

Nice bullish engulfing yesterday. Today should really be a hammer. I was watching the L2 all day and flipping this stock. the sale at 1.54 must have been a fat finger because it came early in the morning and there was only one. THe high really is 1.334, so its really a hammer.

i have been flipping XSNX for freebies, and I am going to ride them when this company takes off!

this is what if found on another board about xsnx

"what XSNX has going for it, just like PTSC, are all the patents it has attained. XSNX has proprietary protected technology. they are at the vanguard of this new type of solar energy production.

Im slowly accumulating this and NNLX and XSUNX. All are able to create energy with little input. WWEN and NNLX can create energy from waste. Trash! XSUNX from the sun.

energy is going to be huge. even after the current "crisis", it's only inevitable that energy be huge. we will ALWAYS need energy. not just for cars, but for all the electronic technology we have in this digital age. its inescapable!

right now, alternative energy is just developing. im sure you've seen commercials for e85, etc coming out. remember when we just started seeing commercials for the internet? and all of a sudden, BOOM, the internet has taken over the world

this is how alertnative energy will be"

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7/10/2006 3:52:39 PM

XSNX is under $1.00

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