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11/13/2009 4:26:36 PM

I was hoping to get a recommendation on another good place to get some stock charts like you can get on Stock Fetcher. I love the ability to create your own filters and basically use those filters to design your own indicators. The only problem can't do that with indices. I would like to be able to pull up multiple indices (the Dow and VIX, Value Line Arithmetic Average) and use indicators with those; just like I do on normal stocks in Stock Fetcher.

Any ideas on what else might have stock charts with similar programming ability, or if SF plans on including a charting function for indices soon? (Please SF include this ability in your subscription soon!)

For example, It'd be nice to look at the dow and create a rate of change indicator based of off the Advance/Decline line and compare that to the TRIN right below it.

(I know TradeStation has something similar, but something without opening a new trading account would be nice)

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11/13/2009 6:43:28 PM paper account

check these out, see what you think.

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11/14/2009 10:54:54 AM

Try you can save your indexes to a portfolio with whatever indicator you want, very powerful free charting service. Takes a while to learn all the features.

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11/15/2009 4:24:55 PM

Wow, this is why I ask: You both gave me a fantastic place to go for charts. Thank you so much!

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