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7/5/2010 8:49:11 AM

Thanks miss Country Fest in Dauphin, lots of eye candy (:

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7/6/2010 10:57:45 AM

Yeah as well as Sask has held up in terms of the economy, lower oil and the farm community are going to dampen things.

Farmers will not be doing much buying with no crops planted or feilds underwater....

I am 40 and I have no recollection of the highway being washed out like that in my lifetime...

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7/6/2010 4:11:41 PM

Taylor,I'm doing alright,thanks.Glad to see you found a niche.The market's been unpredictable lately.What kind of trading have you been doing? Calgary? No,never been there,I'm from New York........

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7/6/2010 5:45:38 PM

love me some eye candy ; )
wife will want to see every festival in the country when she gets here,
paperwork all approved, she's moving here at the end of the month.

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7/6/2010 6:18:59 PM

well miketranz I blew it? Don't know where I got Calgary from. must have mixed you up with another stockfetcher.

Me? I am scanning for stocks with large intraday ranges over time(currrently must me 5.5% daily range average over the last 20. with recent volatility I was using 6.5%. Update the list each week end made up of stocks that match the prior week. Whatever % gives me 15 stocks or so is the % I use.

Then plot out the high of the most recent down day and the low of the most recent up day. Go long a few cents above(use stop limit order)above the high of the down day and short below the low of an up day... end of day look for stocks that are within 2% of the closest target and set up my charts to watch those stocks.

Also plot these on the weekly charts and will use that as an only long or only short filter. If a stock is above the most recent high of a down week, then I can only go long. Opposite on the short side.

Stops are 1/2 my shares at .5% loss and the other 1/2 @ 1% if they go against me. If I enter and the next candle engulfs the candle I bought in I bail all regardless of % as these prices are resistance levels. If they do not break through in ernest I bail!
profit targets are 30% at .5% 20% @ 1% 30% @2% and hold the remaining until 5% gain or the stock closes below the 25EMA on the 5 min chart.

I am sure you see our fingerprints all over my entries. I just extrapolated some of your info and applied it on the downside as well and applied it to stocks with large daily ranges.

Thanks again.

Stocks that are set up for tomorrow for me are:

APC - long above $39.44
BID - Short below $22.25
OVTI - Short below $20.61
PXP - Shirt below $19.77

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7/6/2010 9:45:56 PM

Taylor,I like BID short under 20.Firm support if broken can drop like a rock.On the other hand,this stock is very oversold.Could move up higher from here for a long entry.I also like "long range day" stocks that can move.If you look in the higher dollar amount stocks,you'll find them.I want to try a set up where you go long right off the open,close out end of day,in these "long range day" stocks.The catch here is,you need to find stocks that do not drop below the open print a high percentage of the time.That would put the trade at better odds of not getting stopped out.You use the first open print as an entry & an exit any price below that.Do you think you can come up with a filter for that?Thanks,Mike.....

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7/6/2010 10:28:17 PM

That filter sounds about if it did not drop below .5%? I just think there would be very few stocks that just run from the open like that...I will work on it though...

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7/7/2010 9:37:57 AM

Sounds good.Whatever you can come up with would be appreciated.I think you got the idea.Thanks,Mike....

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9/11/2010 11:17:54 AM

hey miketranz,

I wasnt sure how to write this, but after looking at some of TRO's statistics filters I think it can be done. I am working on it now. IT will be a filter that shows statistically how often a stock does this. You will be able to sort by colum......

A couple fo things....Overal market trend I thin will hamper the results. IF market is in a downtrend few stocks will qualify.
I will set up a 0.5% stop. YOu indicated a clear run from the open....I will see if I can create a column for both. You can probably re-write the filter and adjust to your own liking.....

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9/11/2010 11:39:43 AM

/*Open run*/

and the average day range(20) is above 4%
volume above 1000000
and Average Volume(30)is above 1000000
close today above 10

set{stop, open*0.995}
set{1gain, open*1.01}
set{2gain, open*1.02}

set{stopcnt, count( low below stop, 100)}
set{1gainclose, count(close above 1gain, 100)}
set{2gainclose, count(close above 2gain, 100)}
set{1gainhigh, count(high above 1gain, 100)}
set{2gainhigh, count(high above 2gain, 100)}

add column stopcnt
add column 1gainclose
add column 2gainclose
add column 1gainhigh
add column 2gainhigh

Results are not good. FOr stocks that have a 4% range as indicated. the lowest number is 79....Tht means that for stocks that have this daily range, even the best case scenario is you would be stoped out with a 0.5% loss 79 times out of 100...

Now in the last 100 days the markets have been weak at best. in an uptrend you might find better results.

so the 5 main values I indicate are

a stop of 0.5% below the open
a 1% gain at the close
a 2% gain at the close
a 1% gain at teh high
a 2% gain at the high.

you can sort by the colums to see the best results...

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