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10/11/2006 4:21:30 PM


So what exactly are you insinuating? I'm sure there are growth-oriented traders with a daytrading mindset who have made more than that within the same timeframe you speak of. And what difference does it make to a person whether he's paying a 15% or a 30% tax Uncle Sammie as long as he makes enough to live comfortably? No big friggin deal, I say.

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10/11/2006 5:23:29 PM

as214: "Here's what I do..."

I have been reconstructing the conditions stated in your previous post, industries with cumulative P/E<8, P/S<1, lowest RT during the timespan that you would have bought TEX. TEX is in industry Machinery(Construction/Mining).

Machinery(Construction/Mining) does not meet that criteris in the 3 to 4 week timeframe that you would have purchased TEX at around 41.

So in trying to reconstruct, I am obviously doing something wrong.

* I am using VV for the stated criteria for P/E, P/S and RT. P/S and RT are satisfied, but P/E is not.

* If "cumulative PE" is not the same as "P/E" then that is possibly the problem as I do not know what cumPE is, nor have I been able to uncover a definition for it on the web.

So could you please clarify for me where my misperception lies? It would be greatly appreciated.

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10/12/2006 2:02:48 AM

tex is going to 47 before going higher, if it goes any higher that is.

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10/30/2006 12:19:22 AM

What is a good source to filter for industries with cumulative P/E<8, P/S<1, lowest RT?

Many thanks

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