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5/15/2007 1:52:13 PM


Here's the latest from TradeStation Bizarro World:

Thanks for the message. Threads and topics can be removed if there are forum violations, and are causing conflict in the community. They can also be removed if authored by someone who is no longer a community member. This has been the second thread (as far as my memory can go back) since the inceptioin of the forums, so this is certainly not a common occurence.

If you would like specific code available to the community, please let us know and the EasyLanguage team will make it available.

Thanks for your continued support.


If there is specific code you would like to see, please contact directly. If there is are specific "how tos" on RadarScreen, we can certainly create new topics in the wiki.

Moving forward, we should post single code/concepts per thread in the EasyLanguage Library, and make full use of the wiki if there will be group collaboration. The main thing is that we need to be mindful of the rules and our fellow community members.

Thanks for your continued support.


Welcome aboard nyawker. There is currently a tremendous wealth of knowledge on these forums and in the wikis. If clients need help coding, we've got a team of moderators and a community that's willing to help. If there was specific code in the thread that was important we will make available as single topics in the EasyLanguage Library. If you have specific questions on how to accomplish things, we will certainly help as well.

If your friends would like to have a one-on-one welcome onboard call (as short or as long as they would like), please ask them to e-mail me directly, and I'll be sure they get the help they need. They can e-mail me at


Mark Mills will contact you directly. E-mail him the best time and contact information at We'll post your question and the answer in the forums as a follow up so that everyone can benefit from the reply.


Thanks for your message. I understand how you feel. I agree we should have resolved this long ago. We'll be adding new code as single topics to the EasyLanguage library, and encouarge the community to start the RadarScreen wiki content in the shell that's been provided. We are happy to help answer specific how to EasyLanguage questions in the EasyLanguage support forum.

You have a lot of experience on the forums, and we would appreciate your input very much.



Hey, did I see an email address in there?

Perhaps if TS received a bunch of emails letting them know just how stupid they are they might get a clue!!

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5/15/2007 6:35:38 PM

I was sooooo tempted to reply back to TS (I'm the NYAWKER), but I tried to be constructive, so I started a subscription to CoolTrade (thanks to a recent thread here).

My 2 cents prediction: SF will join forces with an online broker in 2-3 years due to the growth of automated trading; TS will be given credit for introducing this idea to the trading masses, but (as in most disruptive technologies) the 800 lb. gorilla that it is won't be able to nimbly navigate the new and cheaper waters without cutting its neck. Yes, you can't do EVERYTHING via automation, but it's getting there...... (e.g., working on waiting for green).

P.S. Vestyl Software, SF's proud parents (I'm also from Virginia :-) are sitting quite pretty IMHO.

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