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1/4/2010 11:13:02 PM

Can anyone attest to a trade with bountiful opportunities that backtests about 80%. If so, let us know...

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1/5/2010 5:40:36 PM

Mmmm....wonder why no one has responded yet :)

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1/5/2010 6:01:50 PM

Partly because you could simply read some of the previous posts to determine this.

Partly because you have not specified a timeframe for 80% wins. Are you willing to wait several weeks to months? Does a 1% return count as a win?

That being said, please look at the thread entitled Bollinger Band Trading strategy. It routinely tested at 94% win rate in my backtesting for most of 2009, and at 80.1% over the last 1020 trades (from mid-2005 to August 2009). However, I ultimately abandoned this approach because it tied up too much capital and while closed trades usually netted 10-20%, the overall portfolio was essentially flat over several months.

Also check out the 5% a week thread - this averaged about 75% wins over the 52 week period tested.

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1/5/2010 7:57:00 PM

Good answer, and i was expecting an answer quite like that. maybe you win 80% but how much are you winning as opposed to how much you lose when you lose.

I started this thread to condense the research of potential systems. To make it a little easier.

My 2% intraday method produces wins of 1-7% at over an 80% clip. Problem is you don't want to put all your eggs in 1 basket and potential candidates on a daily bases are few producing only 0-5.

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