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8/30/2009 1:11:30 AM

I have benn looking at charts for days, and I see what this is all about, especially if you look at a 10min,4day chart, or a 5min,2.5 day chart, with the 10 min 60 min cross on volume, even if you look at daily chart!

This is so simple, a simple scan witha 8% increase over the last one day, look at all the Q,s trading on friday, and one thing I have noticed is the stocks that run flat for days and weeks, when that cross happens on volume , they really fly!
you can trade the same stock several days in a row, I feel so stupid that I have spent all this time trying to come up with crazy scans, this is similar to what I was doing with daily charts, but I dont know why looking at minute charts makes it so clear?

Thanks to Muddy and 13th Floor!

watch lists are loaded!

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8/30/2009 9:36:25 AM

Thanks for posting this, and all the kind posters at SF.

I've done several searches looking for an explanation or further detail of the Muddy Method, but can't find anything. Is there a thread on this, or another website that explains it?

What's this: "with the 10 min 60 min cross?"

Really appreciate your enlightenment and anyone's help, thanks.

One day, if I'm really lucky, the light will come on.

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8/30/2009 9:58:57 AM

Take some time to explain it - so exactly what do you look for? Give us a step by step, maybe based on a recent example.

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8/30/2009 10:15:13 AM


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8/30/2009 10:31:37 AM

PLA FRZ and MIC are recent plays I made off this method.... you need to day trade these though so you can exit near the top of of the spike.

Go to I Bank Coin and look at the Chart Addicts blog ....... this is what he dose........realy good stuff.

Also Green on the Screen.....they focus on high day rangers and play the break outs......

The hard part I have found is being in the right place at the right time....

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8/30/2009 10:56:54 AM

Here are a few flags and pull backs that might pop


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8/30/2009 12:53:57 PM

go to, there are several charts on this site that will show you, also go back and search the post made by 13th Floor, this is their stuff man, not mine, I dont want anyone to think I came up with this, as far as you know, I dont know CRAP, I am not even a single speck of trader compared to these other guys, you have to search this out for yourself, it is the only way!

10 minute simple moving average crosses above the 60 minute simple moving average( or vice versa)

Wacth the Q stocks for monday!

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8/30/2009 2:07:16 PM

Excellent helpful replies. Thanks for starting this thread and help on clearing up the 10/60 cross. I think the hardest part when starting out is to find direction and a strategy that works more often than not. I stopped live trading until I can write out my trading strategy in detail as my win loss ratio was terrible. One day....

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8/30/2009 8:00:15 PM


everything is in this post...

#14 speaks of the 10/60 cross

Over on the right are some charts/explanations of the 10/60 cross
The MDII one shows just what we are looking for

Jr,thanks for the kind words and don't ever be afraid to post what you see from our method/s,we don't play that ego game,it's the internet,it's all out there for all,hopefully just make $

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8/30/2009 9:14:54 PM


I was taught to trade by books, 1st time, I lost my bank roll, it has taken me 3 years to save up again, yes I dabled here and there with pennies, but the mistake I made was deviating from my system because I got greedy!

I traded by the daily chart, I was taught that if you trade (enter) by daily chart, you exit by daily chart! I do not believe this anymore.

my reason for saying this is that in the beginning, if you look for stocks that are in a defined up trend, then when you look at a intraday chart for your 10/60 cross, your odds improve!

But as I have learned, there are no guarantees!

Here is a simple scan that you can mull over, look at the charts, I like a 3 month time frame on a daily chart, but look at them back to 6 to 12 months. just study them! this is what I have done for weeks!
you can write 25 different scans and a lot of these stocks will repeat!

Fetcher[close greater than open and the MACD(12,26,9) is increasing and the Momentum(12) is increasing and the RSI(14) is increasing and the price is between .01 and 1

you can change price and add volume if you want!

See what you think!

Fetcher[ show stocks where the price has gained more than 8% over the last one day and the price is between .01 and 10

If you look at TKO, this is the exact pattern I use to trade, the 3 simple MA,s were lined up, I would jump in, then I tried to anticipate this movement before it happened, I did not wait for confirmation, that being the price crossing resistance on volume! can you say BROKE!!!!

These are just the steps I am implementing in a controlled endeavor to be profitable, If I loose this time, there is no coming back!

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