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1/12/2008 7:54:06 PM

Even Jesus said "“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s..."

First, our governments, be it local or federal, aren't running a non-profit business. They, like any other business, offer services for a fee. If we don't pay our taxes, they can't stay in business. If the governments can't open for business, they can't hire teachers and police officers, just to name a few among many services we receive. If there are no teachers to educate our children and no cops to patrol our streets, then I suppose we're all capable of running our own shows like in the days of wild, wild west. But who would want that?

Governments issue bonds or debts (eg. the 30-year Treasury bond for Uncle Sam and the Municipal bonds for local governments) to fund various projects from public transportation renovation to Iraq war. This is no different from a large corporation borrowing money from the public by issuing corporate bonds. Hence I see no reason to cry foul when our taxes are being used to pay off these debts

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1/13/2008 12:04:49 AM

Great point by nikoschopen (Side bar: Thanks for sharing all your filter building expertise. I genuinely appreciate all the help and advice).

How will the government pay its expenses without the illegitimate tax on labor?

The government is spending huge amounts of money on activities and kibitzing in areas it has no authority to spend. 56% of the current budget is spent on agencies and bureaus the federal government has no authority to create, much less fund and operate. Agencies like the Department of Education, Department of Labor, Agriculture Department are ALL FUNCTIONS OF THE STATES.

The illegitimate tax on labor represents only a portion of government revenues, but it is enough to permit the government to make many of these unauthorized expenditures. Without this illicit labor tax there is more than sufficient money to fund any and all legitimate, Constitutionally sanctioned activities of the federal government.

Should the need arise, however, for more funding, Congress can pass a tax on property or person, such as the tax on labor, SO LONG AS IT FOLLOWS THE CONSTITUTION and APPORTIONS THE TAX AMONG THE STATES, ASSESSING EACH STATE, NOT THE CITIZENS, with its share. The federal government may need to learn some humility, since it would consider asking the States for money to be demeaning, but it is about time it is reminded that it serves, not rules, the States and the People who created it.

If working men and women were to divert ONLY HALF of what the federal government is stealing from them each year to their respective States, that would be FAR MORE than the States are now receiving, WITH FEDERAL PUPPET STRINGS ATTACHED, from the central government. Roads and highways would improve immensely. Schools would not only be better equipped and staffed, they would be run the way we choose to run them, not as some bureaucrat in Washington, D.C., thinks. More importantly, our state legislatures would answer to us, not to Washington.

The OTHER HALF would go to benefit the family, providing a better standard of living, spending money and creating jobs in their communities and spurring their own economies to prosperity. Such a surge in commerce would produce an enormous increase in legitimate income tax revenues, reducing the loss of stolen labor. Thus, everyone would be better off, including the federal government, which would be free to do a better job of meeting its real assigned duties of defense (to include securing our borders) and foreign relations.

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1/13/2008 3:21:38 AM


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1/13/2008 6:42:07 AM

I hope Snipes is found guilty and incarcerated for 5 years. Someone has to pay for Bush's war in Iraq. If Snipes doesn't pay his share, the rest of us will have to make it up.

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1/14/2008 12:41:09 PM

Maybe you will think this is stupid but, I pay taxes because I like to live here. I think it's worth it, actually a pretty good deal.

Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. Yes, the system is seriously flawed but it's still damn good compared to most other alternatives.

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