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5/19/2010 7:23:30 AM

does anyone know why TOS does not have a regular RSI, they have wilder and legacy.

I want a regular RSI ...

help please !!


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5/19/2010 10:36:58 PM

On another topic of Think or anyone else having charting problems ....on my charts the Linear Regression bands (upper & lower) point inward toward the middle LR line for the last day....sometimes they readjust to the proper look but it is a pain looking at the charts. This has only been happening the last few weeks... It is the free charts as I don't have an account with them but really like their charts...


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5/19/2010 11:38:35 PM

Ernest: I noticed that too, when you see a weird lrc look, just click once anywhere on the chart and they will reset.

Lucy: I just looked at the regular RSI on and TOS WilderRSI look the same to me, except for the change in colors, below and above lines 30 and 70. I checked the EOD printed values for TWM 3 mth daily chart and they are within decimals.

I also now looked at WilderLegacy RSI, again I don't see a difference.

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5/20/2010 12:03:27 AM

I am noticing my BBands acting weird the past week.

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5/20/2010 12:33:59 AM

well that must be unsettling for you are a Jedi Bollinger Warrior :)

Personally I haven't noticed that. Been watching TWM and today FAZ. They seemed to be following your action to a tee.

I figured you were making a killing on both. Lots of up and down moves on those two specifically, the last few days.

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