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12/5/2005 12:13:08 PM

Why is Volume Weighted Avg Price KING to Institutional Investors?
For further enlightenment see three back issues of S&C magazine, available from their web site....
- VWAP by George Reyna
- VWAP by Michael Tanksley
- Buff Up your MA's by Buff Dormeier
and also referenced in John Netto's recent book One Shot One Kill pg 194

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12/5/2005 12:33:32 PM


Details...details...details !

The PDT Rule means nothing to TRO ! LOL

Also, with...

GOOG @ well over $400/sh...

SHLD @ over $120/sh...

AAPL @ over $70/sh...

RIMM @ over $60/sh...and the risk of it being HALTED (again) on a daily basis...

...I'm thinking that a mere $25,000 account wouldn't get it done !

TRO was prolly just speaking...ah hem..."theoretically" <wink> <wink> !!!



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12/6/2005 6:27:10 PM

TRO-Do you have a filter or other criteria for selecting "cash cows"?
Thanks, Steve

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12/6/2005 10:01:25 PM

shmoyer, I guess that any BIG stock can be a "cash cow" for TRO, since it's match one simple criteria: there are sooo many people/institutional investors who own that stock that "crowd effect" moves stock up/down based on "crowd" effect... TheRumpedOne, Am I right?

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