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1/11/2010 4:31:02 PM

Were you doing research on stock manipulation?
If so, you might find this video interesting ....
Listen to the statistics .... OUTFLOWS vs. inflows ...
WHO is buy equities .... ????
Click here ...

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1/12/2010 2:01:09 AM

Put the spin on news out of China today.....
I guess they will lead us out of this.......
Look at Finviz regarding AA earnings tonight.......Lots of conflicting opinion...

Opinions aside, we are working through the massive resistance, closing the gap quietly,
from historic downside volatility experienced in Oct 2008.
Maybe we explode higher soon......Feels like that to me.....(oops there's an opinion)
Maybe prepared for anything....

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1/12/2010 9:53:35 AM

Yes that was me and thank you.

When looking at my short filters, I get stocks making triple tops. I think the market is reloading for a move up.

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1/12/2010 10:12:15 AM

Triple tops?
Oh well ...
so much for short "signals" ...

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1/12/2010 10:24:53 AM

Frankly, I find the run-up on SHLD suspicious.
I mean really!!
Who shops at Sears or K-Mart?
The market is bloated with BULLsh*t.
I think Biderman brought up an interesting concept in the video.
At this point, I'm just wondering how huge the bubble will inflate before it pops.

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