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12/13/2009 8:52:23 PM

Let me know how you're doing with VV.
Are you home during trading hours .. ??
Pls advise.

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12/13/2009 9:12:00 PM

This is why we need to be able to PM each other - I'm not critical of karen here, because there is essentialy no way to have a one-on-one discussions with other members.

WHY??? Other forums make this easy.

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12/13/2009 10:54:41 PM

Because for some reason unknown to me,SF saw it fit to take down the live chat they had put up..Tom unseen forever,where the he** are you?

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12/14/2009 8:28:18 AM

On the positive side, this gives others who want to "pitch in", an opportunity to sign up and try to make a go of this.
BTW, I've posted the chat here, but after the novelty wears off, no one uses it. (remember "YAP"?)
Honestly, I don't think any of us really "need" a chat room, as the "Intraday" thread serves it's purpose, but for my VV experiment, I was planning to use Yahoo IM or PalTalk, NOT the SF board.

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12/14/2009 8:38:57 AM

My post to tmaugham was not "private". I made a public invitation to anyone who was interested in making a "collaborative effort".
And that invitation still stands. Anything AFTER that would be done OFF SF, for obvious reasons.
Personally, I LIKE it when people post what's on their mind. Even if one or two other posters "think" the issue doesn't apply to everyone. It might apply to 80% of the people READING the thread. Remember, we have a lot of "lurkers" and people who barely say "peep".
For example, someone here wanted someone else to "email" them about computer set ups for trading.
I was very disappointed to see that anyone would want to keep this info a "secret", since computer set ups for daytrading would be information that everyone could benefit from.
How would you like it if I posted some such BS ...

I have found the holygrail of trading. 100% wins. Email me for details" ....


I'm all about giving back ... not just "taking".

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12/14/2009 8:44:16 AM

Speaking of computer sets up ....
MY set up didn't work.
Now, I have to go to UPS and send everything back to TigerDirect.
Had someome POSTED their set-up info, I might've "picked up" on something.
(Skiiva: Thank you. I did see your post, but your suggestion didn't work either.)

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12/14/2009 9:01:44 AM

1. If someone posted that they found the holy grail of trading, I would seriously doubt that person's veracity or intelligence - if you had such a thing, why would you "tease" a forum with it unless you intended to sell it?

2. What I am suggesting is that people who might want to ask a simple question about something can just send a PM to the person, rather than a broadcast announcement. This is common on other boards, and assures that the person to whom you are trying to communicate sees the message when they log in, rather than having to read all of the posts.

3. I have been on stockfetcher for about a year now, and have yet to see any SF people post in response to a wide range of questions on the software, specific requests for added indicators or data, or any upgrades to SF or SF 2.0. Why? Just look at the Announcements section of this forum - seen anything from SF recently?

Karen, my position is the same as yours - I learn, and then try to give back. My frustration is with the limitations here on SF, which are easily addressed but never seem to come to pass.

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12/14/2009 9:11:39 AM

what was the outcome of switching monitors on the adapter, was it the adapter or the monitor that was the problem?

I'd be happy to try and help you find a solution or better setup, It would be easier over the phone after work though.

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12/14/2009 9:28:15 AM

Karen et al... I am around most of the day but my schedule is very fluid and I can't commit to being online all the time. I have not yet signed up with VV but will try to go through the online videos today as time permits and then sign up for he 30 day trial. Please don't wait on me to begin whatever testing you want to do, I'll chime in as I can.

Thanks to all for the very helpful info....


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12/14/2009 9:37:10 AM

I've already packed up the monitor.
I'm sending it back.
I can't send back the 2 adapters because I threw away the boxes.
I'm just gonna have someone come over my house and install this stuff.
I just don't have the patience to do it again.
THANKS for your help.

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