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7/18/2004 10:48:15 AM

I'm just trying to get a handle on using custom variables and practicing with operations. Somehow the following filter returned nothing but when I just change one of the names, "cl1" to "close1", it give me 6 matches but don't show me the "myuof" in the chart. Any ideas ? Thanks a lot in advance.

set(cl1, close 1 day ago)
set(tl, min(low, cl1))
set(bpress, close minus tl)
set(trrange, max(high minus low, high minus cl1))
set(trange, max(trrange, cl1 minus low))
set(bp7, average bpress(7))
set(bp14, average bpress(14))
set(bp28, average bpress(28))
set(tr7, average trange(7))
set(tr14, average trange(14))
set(tr28, average trange(28))
set(raw7, bp7 divided by tr7)
set(raw14, bp14 divided by tr14)
set(raw28, bp28 divided by tr28)
set(raw7f, raw7 multiplied by 4)
set(raw14f, raw14 multiplied by 2)
set(raw1, raw7f plus raw14f)
set(rawf, raw1 plus raw28)
set(myuo, rawf divided by 7)
set(myuof, myuo multiplied by 100)
show stock where myuo crossed above 50

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7/18/2004 12:09:33 PM


One thing pops out at me: There's a limit to how complicated the "nesting" can be for set{} variables (i.e., one set{} being based on the result of another). It has to do with the way SF implements them, and the restuling length of the string the SF programs are dealing with. You may be running into that here.

I have found that an easy way to determine if this is the case is to use a simple filtering phrase that doesn't use any of your set{}s, such as "price between 3 and 4". Then use ADD COLUMN <setname> in the filter. The results should show matches, since the set{}s are not used for that portion of the filter. Any set{}s that SF has a problem with will NOT show up as a column in the result list. Then, look at that set{} statement for syntax errors (e.g., missing parentheses, parameters, or closing }). If there are none, and nesting is used, it's probably a length issue. You'll need to develop another way to calculate the same value that's shorter.

One last pointer, if you put your filter enclosed on "
Fetcher[" and "]

" in your message, it will result in a hot-link so readers can just click on the filter text to work with it.



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