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2/25/2022 1:20:56 AM

I didn’t mean that it was funny that you had a bad day, just that we were trading labu and labd.
Tough market.

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2/25/2022 11:20:29 AM

No pun intend! Its all good.

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5/10/2022 6:44:09 AM

Weeks ago I was watching the news and heard that Poland gave all of its Javelins to Ukraine; in the news they were showing a map of the country of Ukraine and what Russia controlled etc, and I was looking at the other countries surrounding Ukraine, did you know that Ukraine is bigger then Poland? And it's bigger than Germany, too. Have you ever wondered what it would look like if Russia tried to invade an occupy Germany?
Well, I guess it would look like what's happening now with Ukraine, although it's not as wealthy as Germany, but you can see that Russia is having a hard time trying to occupy the country.

One thing I wanted to point out is that during President Trump's administraion, had Putin wanted to invade the country of Ukraine back then, President Trump probably would've done nothing (my opinion).
Thank God Putin didn't invade---until Biden came along and became President.

Because if you can remember, Trump and Putin had a bromance going back then, it was all over the news; remember?
The talk shows picked up on it, too.

Here's proof; 2016:


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5/10/2022 7:25:19 AM

by the way, Russia just deployed their new T-90M Tank into Ukraine, but already, there's a confirmed kill.

The Ukranian's were able to destroy it about a week after coming in---by using the Javelin anti-tank weapon...

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5/10/2022 11:28:46 AM


When your 'savvy political analysis' is crafted off of the punchlines late night comedy shows use for content, then of course you're going to have that completely backwards and ridiculous take as posted .

But just to add my 2 cents:

If it was such a lovely bromance he shared with Putin, then why on God's earth would Trump send deadly weapons to Ukraine to fight against Putin's regime??

I'll tell you why....

Because 10 second clips used by late night comedians don't give you the full picture!! LOL ...

-And I'm not even a Trump supporter!!

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