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11/21/2005 6:59:56 PM

Just joined recently and have been using an uptrend flter that produces some very good results. This recent filter gave me ANAD last week but guess what? I was playing around with My Filters section and trying to organize the various filters and accidentally deleted this filter that I have been using. Very mad at myself.

Can anyone help with any uptrend filters that they have posted in the forum for review .. would really like to get it back and tweak it again.

Sorry new here and can't remember the exact coding .. looks like a foreign language to me so far but trying to learn

Thanks in advance for all your ideals

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11/29/2005 10:11:37 AM

Here is a filter that shows uptrending stocks. Make sure and sort by ATR% and I try to stick to the top ten by this sort, although some below tenth place do well. I also try to limit the picks to the stocks that have shown an increase in volume over the last few weeks.

Fetcher[Set{hi52w, high 52 week high}
Set{lo52w, low 52 week low}
Set{hi/lo-Ratio, hi52w / lo52w}
SET{ATR%,X * 100}

Show stocks whose price is near the 7 year high and AvgVol(20) is above 100000 and volume is above 50000 and close is between 3 and 250 AND hi/lo-Ratio IS GREATER THAN 1.85 and market is not otcbb and add column AvgVol(20) and add column high 7 year high and add column ma(30) and add column ATR% and add column hi/lo-Ratio and add column industry description AND DRAW DARVAS BOX and draw high 7 year high and draw ma(30) and do not draw hi/lo-ratio and draw rsi(2) and add column rsi(2) and draw ema(13) and draw ema(26) and draw adx and chart is candlestick

If you make any improvements, please post them.


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