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10/5/2010 3:28:43 PM

I've been using the macd 12-26-9 for the last 6 months to follow the Dow jones. After a while you get a feel for it
Iv'e noticed that price reacts to the acceleration between the macd and it's moving average. If the macd leaves it's average
at a smooth widening with no acceleration then price usually continues up with minor corrections. However if the macd
leaves it's average with an over realistic widening. then price usually falls. The only time you lose is when you get bored and don't pay attention to what the indicator is telling you. Is it possible to write a filter that would scan for stocks that have left
the macd's moving average by a certain percentage? Possibly scroll back in history and find trades that have trended compared to stocks that have over accelerated and fallen back and some how work up an average to compare to?
I am not a filter writer and don't even know if this is possible. All I could do would be to pull up Tradestation and use my
trendline drawer to measure a bunch of trades , and meassure the angle. but that would be as far as I could go. I f a filter could be written I think it would be a very good one, not only to find trending and moving stocks, but to call tops and bottoms.

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10/5/2010 8:18:28 PM

Could you give an example?

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10/10/2010 9:06:58 PM

start with this

Fetcher[ show stocks where the MACD(12,26) is less than 5% above the MACD(9) and the price is between 1 and 5 and the volume is greater than 1000000

maybe that will get it started, I am not a filter writer, but this is KISS!

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