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2/3/2010 9:32:12 AM

HI I'm brand new to StockFetcher - but I'm sure glad I found it! :-)

I'm trying to screen out stocks that have too little volume for me.. Is there a phrase that will screen out stocks that trade less than 100,000 shares on average per day?


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2/3/2010 9:38:55 AM


I figured it out...

and volume > 100,000

not so hard :-)



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2/3/2010 9:47:18 AM

Not quite. What you have only tells you that TODAY's volume was above 100,000. Not that the average volume was.

Try this

Average volume(30) is above 100000

That is what you are asking for, if I read your post correctly.

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2/3/2010 10:25:52 AM

Brian,volume 100000 avg is low volume,but its just part of the liquidity factor.+500000 is better,+1000000 is best.You don't want to be sitting with any kind of size when these things start selling off.You'll get horrible fills on both sides of the trade.I've seen stocks trade over 1000000 shares that weren't that liquid.Always watch the bid/ask spread,make sure its close.The wider the spread,the more you'll have to pay up to own it.Good luck,Mike.......

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2/3/2010 1:01:10 PM

Thanks guys. Excellent advice (which I will follow :-) )

Seriously, I really appreciate your experience.

One day, I hope to know enough to help someone else.



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