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5/20/2004 4:00:40 AM

Hi Everyone:

I have a two tier screening system that enables me to catch stocks moving away from trends, support or Bollinger bands one day away from their departure. I have several broad nets such as a Bollinger Band Bottom scraper that put the results into watchlist (PrimaryMatch1, PrimaryMatch2, PrimaryMatch3).

These baskets are then re-filtered by a set of secondary conformational filters such as OBV, MFI, RSI and so on. This is also an autofil process as the 9 secondary filters all have been appended with "Apply to watchlist(PrimaryMatch1, PrimaryMatch2, PrimaryMatch3)" and automatically produces a new watchlist(Second2Match). These are the stocks that I follow on day 3 during the trading session to determine if I will take a position or not.

So I now have a distilled basket of stocks that meet all of my criteria on the same day.

My Problem: The end of the next trading day, (day 2), I want to apply the secondary filters to yesterdays results (day 1) to find only those stocks that are breaking away form the bottom bands and are being confirmed by a couple of other indicators such as OBV, MFI, RSI and so on.

I have used "n days ago," for the BBB filter and then stringed my secondary filters and discovered that the process drops lots and lots of stocks that I would liked to have followed closely.

The Question: A Watch List allows you to Autofill with your selection of filters.
This provides you with a basket of stocks that matched the selected filters.
Does the basket get emptied and automatically re-filled each trading day, overwriting the previous days matches or does this only happen after you have clicked "Autofill"? What then is the impact on an autofill Watchlist, when clicking the "Matches" link on the my filters page?

Open to any solution, workaround, brilliant programming or tricks. Thought of setting a watchlist for each day of the week and using the set command to determine where the results go. Sounds simple but have not begun to figure that logic loop out.

Thanks Michael Slattery

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