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1/2/2012 12:17:30 PM

I would love to see an option to have the upcoming earnings date listed somewhere on the chart when it pulls up.

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1/2/2012 5:40:10 PM

Presently I pay for two EOD data backtesting services "stockfetcher" and "stratasearch".

I would realy like intraday bars for testing strategies........ 5 or 15 or 30 minute bars.......something please....( delayed would be fine with me)

Will this ever be a feature of stockfetcher?

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1/2/2012 6:40:52 PM

I fully realize that asking for real-time data is beating a dead horse but I include it on the wish list just so the SF folks know that some of us feel that it would be valuable.


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1/2/2012 7:24:50 PM

Custom user data to be assigned to stocks?
Allowing more than a single math function in set{}?
Eliminating the nesting level restriction in count()?
Re: DATE, how about an aroon-like function for high, low and other indicators like RSI?
How about some options data!!??! Like n-day implied volatility!

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1/2/2012 7:40:34 PM

Ah yes! And an updated User Guide and complete reference! Tom, don't put your Santa suit away yet .

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1/3/2012 9:24:47 AM

Would be great to have more backtest data back till lets say 1998 since I'm very interested to know how my systems would have performed during the blowup and the burst of the internet bubble.

P.S. I started trading about 13 years ago. 1 year ago I discovered SF and I honestly can say, that this service lifted my whole trading to a level I never reached before. Thanks for providing that amazing content!

I wish everyone a blessed and happy 2012.

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1/3/2012 9:47:51 PM

bring back the TSX

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1/3/2012 9:59:58 PM

1) Intraday data

2) ability to test up to 10 years at a time

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1/3/2012 11:22:11 PM

Monthly data
Day of the week
Being able to backtest weekly and monthly data (only open and close positions on the weekly or monthly open/close)
Historical fundamental data

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1/4/2012 1:07:06 AM

I think I forgot you guys fixed this... thanks again!



set{wOpen, weekly open}
set{wmt2, count( close above WEEKLY OPEN , 1) }
set{Open4, open 4 days ago}
set{Open3, open 3 days ago}
set{Open2, open 2 days ago}
set{Open1, open 1 days ago}

add column wmt2
add column wOpen
add column Open4
add column Open3
add column Open2
add column Open1

/* PLOT */

and draw wOpen on plot close
and draw Open4 on plot close

close above 20
volume above 10000000

market is nasdaq

sort column 5 descending

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