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11/24/2006 9:21:05 AM

Does anyone know of a way to find stocks with warrants, look at the move in ZVUE and ZVUEW, is there a phrase for finding them?
also check out the technical analysis videos daily at

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11/26/2006 12:24:36 PM

I know this is no new news to veteran traders out there but it could help newer folks out there,IF you are free during trading hours to stalk the HOD lists with big vol jumps as they are happening AND you learn which stocks to look for you'll have a huge edge over any filter.
Call it "tape reading","price and vol momo",or whatever,it works!
Take a look at
You'll see ZVUEW was found at 15:17 price of 2.27,it closed at 3.18
Also note found were URZ at 11:22 at hod 3.75 (was mentioned much earlier but the early part of log was lost somehow),URZ closed at 3.87 and the next day closed at 4.76,,BIOS at 12:05 at a cross of $3,hitting a hod of 3.71 quickly and closing at 3.45, and at 13:41 ZVUE was mentioned at hod at $6 cross and quickly moved to close at 7.45.BTW ZVUE had been on my strong radar since 11/15 when i found it as a squeeze/volume/price break which i've discussed many times on these forums.
The best one by far we found all week was PNTR,read the log and see it mentioned at $15 hod/with big vol increase at 11:33, 20 mins later at 11:53 it hit $25 !!
So IF you have the time to read the tape and you start to learn which type of stocks to look for i believe you will have a huge advantage over any filter.
With a stock like ZVUEW that doesn't seem to be in SF's database you won't catch it on any filter either.

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11/26/2006 1:03:51 PM

Trade ideas can catch them real-time. I'm working the details, just need the time during trading hours to focus on it and build the parameters I need.

Anyone using the intraday scans on SF for this? 20 minute delay, but it may catch some early enough.

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11/27/2006 9:06:57 AM

20 min delay won't catch the PNTR's but if you don't have real time hod list i guess its better than nothing
PNTR looks to rip at open,don't know how long it'll hold up today but should zoom zoom at open,watch volume

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11/27/2006 8:19:27 PM

"Tape reading" from HOD list catches CNLG at 10:10 a.m at $1.70
There were quite a few more,great for a really crappy market day, but CNLG was the beast for today.
HOD list w/huge volume increase,good stuff

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11/27/2006 11:46:50 PM

muddy (or anyone),
what the HOD stands for?


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11/28/2006 7:22:17 AM

HOD = high of day
I've only traded with Scott the last few years so i'm not sure if other brokers offer "streaming" hod lists or not but i find it invaluable for myself.

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11/28/2006 8:01:47 AM

Muddy, are you tying in with Tradeideas with that Scott account? Pretty nifty for refining HOD action based on your parameter input. Still working some refinements for another strategy, but HOD / volume breakouts are showing to leave me some room to react during the day without "chasing.

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