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5/20/2008 11:57:43 PM

JASO....cup-and-handle forming....look for breakout guys.

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5/21/2008 10:51:01 AM

DGX...broke out $$$$$

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5/21/2008 12:08:37 PM


Sorry to hear that about your parents. We had no money so the cheapest thing to do is pile 5-6 (11 kids) of us into a Ford Falcon station wagon and set us free.
We are in out 50"s to 60"s now and we still fish together. That is what has kept us together over the years.

BTW, I thought you had the Bow River in your backyard. I caught some fish out ogf the Bow but in Jasper and Banth National Park.

Nice Call DGX. I have JASO in the "Solar Fund" along with others.

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5/21/2008 1:59:20 PM

Trout: no engine boats are allowed on the Bow river. Lot of fishing holes in Alberta. One of the girls in the office caught a 7lb Pike last weekend, must have been a heck of a fight....cheers.

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5/21/2008 3:11:12 PM

I accidentally ran into NSR by mistyping FNSR, and boy does this stock look ripe to be taken down. Any thoughts?

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5/21/2008 4:02:02 PM

FNSR is up another 8% today when the Dow is beaten down by more than 200 points. There sure ain't much reason or rhyme to this rally in my eyes, but heck I ain't complaining. lol

BTW, one stock I'm keeping my eyes on is Bowater (BOW). I have no idea what they do but their weekly chart looks superb. It formed a hangman formation today so I wouldn't be at all surprised if pulls back to its previous support at 18.22.

Ahh, silly me. I didn't even bother to check the dates. Now that I am, BOW last traded on 10/26/07. What gives? Anyway, disregard the above comment,

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5/21/2008 6:22:18 PM

Ctrout: try a Mepp's Comet lure, fake minnow with a spinner and treble hook, works well with bass!

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5/22/2008 10:28:47 AM

My Watchlist pulling back into support: CPST QTWW CPSL CDY BCON.

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5/23/2008 12:41:20 AM

USO etf may not behave well for longs due to this change to contango today since it can no longer roll into the next forward contract at a discount to spot.

DCR (down oil) is gonna be a wild sucker till it stops trading on JUNE 25. Looks like a day trader thing.

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5/23/2008 1:35:07 AM


I'm itching to jump into USO. Due to a 3-day weekend and not knowing exactly what can unfold during that time, I will prolly hold off until next week. According to my sources, however, we are at the very top of the multi-year channel.

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