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11/9/2009 4:15:31 PM

Despite the rally, the volume today was pathetic. Lots of signals pointing north but who is buying? I am as usual skeptical about the strength of this move. However, I have been saying this for months now and market keeps disagreeing with me. Thoughts?

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11/9/2009 5:10:12 PM

The game has changed...

The relationship of price and volume can't be looked at the same right now as times past. If you are waiting on volume to confirm your trades you will continue to miss some incredible profits as price moves on without you.

There is a way to confirm your moves, but we don't do it with volume bars on the chart. Actually, I don't even look at volume bars and have caught every swing high and swing low for the last two years with a very defined, specific method. You would have to check into our group to get the details on this.

Simple! for the time being price action leads volume action not the other way around. So find the most visual way to engage your price bars, get on the right side of the moves and find your profits.


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11/9/2009 9:17:17 PM

Thanks for the invitation to join your group but I am afraid will have to pass. I have been trading successfully for few years now. However, I am strong believer that we have an extremely intelligent and motivated group of traders on this site. My goal of asking the question was to open an intelligent debate we all can benefit and learn from.

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11/9/2009 9:26:07 PM

NO CLUE... volume seems to conferm breakouts.... not bottoms.

If you use an accumalation indicator it kinda helps.....

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11/9/2009 10:00:36 PM

I thought the volume on the SPX was generally in the average range, not spectacular but not especially low.

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11/9/2009 10:13:34 PM

Volume is not tracking price. What seems to be tracking better is institutional accumulation/distribution.

I've seen charts on this on, but not on any of the free sites.

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11/9/2009 10:56:00 PM

Looking to short when the VIX closes below the lower BB (9,2) anticipating next day or two, volume didn't back move. Big dogs pumping price for the little dogs? Anything can happen!

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