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7/10/2009 3:17:01 AM

I'm not looking for a perfect formula nor am I asking for any 'secrets' I do want to poll to see what constitutes success. What is the win/loss ratio of most people? ROI %? Reward/Risk value?

At the risk of diverting from the topic I really care about... what is the reward/risk number? How do you interpret it/use it?


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7/10/2009 6:39:53 AM

win loss currently at 62%. Fluctuates over time. This can be misleading as many of these may not achieve the target, but still results in a winning trade.

R/R......hmmmmm. Targets are over 3:1, but with slippage, end of quarter/year results just under 2:1. And that includes those occasional runner exceeding the targets.

How do you calculate? Not sure wether you are looking for simple or in-depth.

If the probable target is known, and the probable loss, there it is. How much you capture is obviously the dynamic. During backtests, this is easy to set in the parameters, but a couple gaps and your slippage begins.

I'm not huge into backtesting, but it does provide an initial base to start from. Overoptimization and tinkering is time consuming and for this guy, counterproductive in many cases.

Too big a question for a short thread post (IMO).

Curious as to others calcs/opinions.

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