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2/17/2004 11:05:54 AM

Anyone else having problems ?

Why is it that seemingly every trading day following a holiday when the markets are closed...Prophet can't seem to get their "schtick" together.

Thoughts ? Anybody ???


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2/17/2004 2:21:07 PM

my "freebie" works fine

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2/17/2004 4:26:37 PM

I had alot of problems with freezes', so I cancled the real-time. It would be great if they made a desk top version, It eats up to much of the cpu usage by running through the browser. I mentioned this to them when I cancled.


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2/17/2004 10:14:24 PM

I had no streaming quotes on the Real-Time Java charts...all day long !

Even now...on a 3 month Daily...I'm showing NOTHING beyond Friday the 13th !

Nothing !!!

It's as if today never happened !

Is this true for others here ?

Feedback P-L-E-E-E Z-E !!!


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2/17/2004 10:46:04 PM

My silver membership worked fine. Realtime just fine.

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2/18/2004 12:00:34 AM

Well now I'm worried !

I'm also "silver" and I had NOTHING...NADA...all day...and still nothing past Friday the 13th on the Daily charts !

What could possibly be "UP" with that ???


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2/18/2004 9:07:39 AM

Many need to update their JAVA, it's available on the Prophet site and corrects many problems.


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2/18/2004 10:18:23 AM


I e-mailed Prophet about my situation.

Today, my live charts are back and seem to be working.

But...I have NO PRICE DATA for Tues. (yesterday) the 17th !

My charts show price data for Fri. the 13th...and the 18th !

It's as though yesterday never happened...on the charts that is !

Very odd !


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2/22/2004 2:45:44 PM

Sorry I'm late responding .. but freezes w/ PNet are not uncommon. Updating your Java will help. Here's how I stopped my "freezes"..:
1. Update Java
2. Switch from E-Net Xplorer to Netscape for 1 week.
3. Then go back to E-Net Xplorer
4. Turn off Norton Security.

For some reason, switching to Netscape helped .. then when Netscape started crashing, I went back to E-Net Xplorer and the "freezes" stopped. Also DE-activating Norton Security works. Apparently, the latest version of Norton Internet Security is NOT compatible w/ PNet.


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