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6/18/2004 1:31:26 PM

Whats the story with the Pro version? I am a subscriber but cant find much info about the pro version.. is it an on-going project or has it been left behind.. not any chat about it so not sure if it has any advantages over the web based version.. apart from larger watchlists returned from searches I see..

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7/1/2004 9:57:24 AM

Just wondering if there are any people from stockfetcher who read their own forums? Was hoping by now to had some response at least from SF itself to my question... should I email you/them direct for an answer?

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7/1/2004 10:10:20 AM


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We do monitor the Forums, but for faster responses we recommend that you post in the "Comments, Bugs and Requests" section or contact us directly using the Feedback system.

StockFetcher Pro is intended to provide a non-browser based version of StockFetcher. StockFetcher Pro does require an active internet connection as it communicates with the server to retrieve results.

The added benefits of StockFetcher Pro includes ability to save more information: stock ratings, an unlimited number of filters, and notes on your stocks.

However, there are many features available on that are not available with StockFetcher Pro. It is definitely a personal-preference as far as which version provides the features you need the most.

Thank you,

Tom Support

StockFetcher Forums · General Discussion · Whats the story with the Pro version?<< >>Post Follow-up

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