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9/25/2008 10:07:24 PM

You all know when this crisis gets figured out and the markets begin operating in a smoother manner, you need to be ready to pounce. Have your favorite filters ready to make a killing, This is one of those extroidenary times that in a few years you will look back on and say, was I ready to take advantage of the market place when it took off.

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9/26/2008 5:31:09 PM

Since no one has any feedback on this I think I will. Someday when the fires out and the new growth begins its process watch those lil things grow to sizes that will astound your accounts. Think positive and everything will shake out and make you into a wise investor.

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9/26/2008 5:50:51 PM

On the other hand, these past 8 years have seen a deficit run up more than the entire deficit history of the U.S....i.e., 1776-2000=less budget deficit than 2000-2008.

Rather than wait for the next bubble, I'm adjusting my expectations...single digit P/Es, massive consumer credit defaults which nobody's even talking about yet but we're just starting to see a few clues (people's and small businesses credit lines being reigned in=no growth).

Wish I was as hopeful as you, Marine. fact, often, history DOESN'T repeat itself. You can't assume things will be the same as they were before.

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9/26/2008 11:05:35 PM

RFID, identification security, money transfer technology......growth.

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9/27/2008 2:02:44 AM

Their putting the bandages on Humpty Dumpty before he falls and no one knows just how thats going to work.Every time one of these investment banks goes bust commodities and oil go down a couple of bucks,and thats great for the small business and consumers.The system is working,leave it alone.Let them go.As for the Goldman-Buffet bailout trade with Paulson as their new inside man ensuring the deal,isn't that racketeering?Or at the least unpatriotic.

StockFetcher Forums · General Discussion · When this crisis diminishes are you ready?<< >>Post Follow-up

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