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1/2/2012 1:55:20 PM

Is it me or is it him?

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1/2/2012 5:18:54 PM


NO what he is saying is educate and learn all you can... take that knowledge and then apply it, like only you can.. you need to understand and believe in the play.

Doctors study for a very long time with mentors and coaches....before they even touch a live person.

Its not the same as reading a book...

If you read all the books on brain surgery and passed all the tests... Could you then walk into an operating room and do the surgery?

The knowledge is just the beginning."

That is why they call it "practicing" medicine.

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1/2/2012 5:58:34 PM

Did einstein practice time travel to propose his theory of relativity , did galileo travel off world to propose heliocentricism, did the founders of the manhattan project practice with h bombs? practice my butt....

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1/2/2012 9:37:16 PM

Klynn,what's your point? Where are you coming from? Are we talking about paper trading vs real time,real capitol?Reading books on trading,hot picks from Cramer,advice from your flat screen via CNBC talking heads vs trading your own "original methods"? Or does it just come down "how does one acquire an education in the markets,through self,or through others"?Let me go one step further,are you saying Lombardi was not a self made man and as a result was one of the greatest coaches of all time???

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1/2/2012 9:50:31 PM

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1/3/2012 5:19:48 PM

I guess you could say Larry Bird did not invent the jump shot or basketball...

But how did he get so good.......I wonder.

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1/12/2012 9:20:23 AM

I flipped on the television to catch an in-depth documentary on the great Vince Lombardi. Before I knew it, I was taken back into history following a true legend.

One thing that struck me quite a bit was the interviews with his former players and how various speeches or gestures left a lasting impression. One such interview recalled a time when coach stood in front of the team prior to his first practice at Green Bay and told the players their goal was to ‘chase relentlessly after perfection’ he went on to say that he was well aware they would never reach perfection however by pursuing this ‘relentless chase’ they would be certain to ‘find excellence.’

I believe most people struggle in this life because they fail to recognize the great opportunity before them. Whether it’s as simple as striving to reach perfection as a husband, a father, a son, an employee or a boss, they fail to recognize that achieving this is impossible yet pursuing it is in fact the journey and the goal and while never possible, it is excellence that is always within ones grasp.

As a trader, I want to daily chase perfection as coach discussed. Most would believe this to be found within my P&L and how wrong they would be for successful trading is not measured by one’s P&L but by one’s execution which will ultimately result in the desired outcome, which for all is increased profits.

Each day, each week, each month, each trade, each tick, let us strive for perfection and in doing so, may we reach excellence and our desired outcome of profits. That is my wish you for you today.

Source: Quint Tatro

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1/12/2012 10:11:33 PM

Stocks go up and down... thats what they do.... the only thing you can control is risk...

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