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3/6/2004 1:53:42 PM

Hey guys. I'm new here, and am very intrigued by SF. I've been looking at all these filters that have been posted and am trying to determine which one fits my trading style best. I was looking for a screen that finds stocks good for big upside moves in daytrading. Here's what I came up with.

Average Day Range(5) is above 15
and close touched bottom linear regression line(60)
and 60 day slope of close is above 0.1

I also ran the G5 and got an insane reading: G5 = 213%!! I don't know if it's a bug or what. This filter only has an AMC of 4 and AUMC of 1. I know, not good. But, I'm wondering if someone can help me tweak it a bit to be a little more consistent. I also know that G5 has fallen out of favor because alot of these filters that give really good results are next to impossible to trade. However, I do feel that is a good tool, and shouldn't just be discarded because of a few drawbacks.

Good tradng.


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3/6/2004 9:38:16 PM

I have also played with the screen that offer huge potential ... and believe GEOPEDS (I hope I spelt that right) G5 testing is awesome for doing some benchmark testing. ,,, It would be great to see SF bring it into this site !

No filter will give 100% winners...
We are always intrigued with a filter that gets some outrageous results, but there are always loosers embedded within the winners. I found a filter, like yours, that offers just that ...huge gains and a high percentage of winners. I found that when I tried to further refine the filter to eleviate the loosers, I also inadvertantly lost many of the winners... the BIG winners. So I decided to leave filter the way it was. Keep it simple. Just like the filter you have shown here. From there you need to use your good ole intuition .... some fundamental research .... and past experience to lock on a good target. Every stock has it own personality ... it is up to you to see through the smoke.

Here is the filter that back tests with some huge gains:
(.. the "and offset 0 days" is so you can backtest...change it to whatever)

Fetcher[WEEKLY SLOW STOCHASTICS(5/3) %K LESS THAN 30 AND WEEKLY SLOW STOCHASTICS(7/2) %K is greater than WEEKLY SLOW STOCHASTICS(5/3) %K and volume is greater than 90000 and offset 0 days]

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3/6/2004 11:19:01 PM


Yes, I have your screen in my SF alreadly... LOL. I was very impressed by that filter. Especially the percentage of winners. But, your right nothing beats good old intuition and some common sense. Thanks for the reply.


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