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5/25/2006 2:22:47 AM


Thankyou !

Obviously, you are correct !

Was trying to post...while watching my Mavericks lose to the Suns. grrr

Should've been paying more attention to the post...and less attention to the game.

The correction has been made !



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5/25/2006 2:31:28 AM


You might as well reveal how you use the damn thing. Why do you choose to displace it forward as oppose to backward in time?

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5/25/2006 7:39:13 AM


ema(13) x ema(26)

close x ema(5)

close x (previous day's high + previous day's low) / 2 aka Middle

I use these three crossovers as a "COMPASS" indicator.

Of course, I still use RSI(2) to know tops/bottoms.

For FOREX, I use fib retracements and the middle.


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5/25/2006 10:59:28 PM


I'll try to post something in response to your "question/inquiry" soon !

Just don't want you to think I'm ignoring the request ! fwiw



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5/26/2006 2:00:20 AM

-Time frames: 5 min., 1 Hour, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly.
On a typical trade I don't go beyond Monthly.

-Slow Stochastics 5,3,3 all time frames.
-MA's: 10 (only on the most bullish of charts), 15, 25 & 50 period in all time frames up to Monthly.

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5/27/2006 1:41:45 AM

RE: DMA(3,3)


"You might as well reveal how you use the damn thing. Why do you choose to displace it forward as oppose to backward in time?"


Well...first let me say that this lil Moving Aversge [the DMA(3,3)] is but a small part of my overall chart analysis. Obviously, the EMA(10), EMA(30) and the EMA(150) are very important as well in helping out with Trend Determination as well as Momentum and Momentum of Trend on various time frames.

The orientation of the EMAs (ie. how they are stacked on one another).

The Slope (as well as the degree of slope) of the various EMAs.

The degree that the EMAs are converging or diverging toward or away from one another.

All of these things are important in my overall approach. But, the DMA(3,3) is a nice addition to all of these...and is VERY IMPORTANT to me for finding turns in the short-term trend.

Think about what this lil MA is telling you. If today's Close is above the DMA(3,3)...then I know at a glance that today's ABOVE the 3 day AVERAGE CLOSE of 3 DAYS AGO ! Let me say that again...if TODAY's CLOSE is above the DMA(3,3)...I know at a glance that the stock is trading ABOVE a 3 day average of Closing Prices...from 3 days ago. This gives me a very easy to see...visual indication of where Price is...versus where Price WAS...3 days ago.

THAT'S POWERFUL ! does it MUCH better than just a regular short-term Moving Average like an EMA(3)...or, even an EMA(5). imo

The DMA(3,3) is very visual and contains short-term trend better than pretty much anything I've tried. It is not nearly as susceptable to whipsaws as other short-term MAs and the LAG is really minimal.

The DMA(3,3) can also be used to time entries and exits...and could almost be used as a stand alone trading system...much like a Parabolic SAR. imo

Any Close above the DMA(3,3) should be looked at as a "possible BUY (or, BUY to COVER) signal"...and any Close below the DMA(3,3) should be looked at as a "possible SELL (or, SELL SHORT) signal" !

The DMA(3,3) makes sure that I'm always on the right side of a trade !

Give it a try ! Plot it on your charts ! Observe it for awhile !

It is a great lil Moving Average !

Hope this helps !



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5/27/2006 12:28:01 PM

Great Thread.First off I have reformulated all my filters to conform to the TOP %-Gainers list on the following day,this increases scan potential.95% of top gainers with tradable volume show up on any where from 1-8 of my filters at a time although these list are quite large.Most of of my filters circle around BollBand(12).I plug Top % Gainers into Stockfetcher Analyzer each day to see which filers can produce them and read chart paterns to get a handle on future days picks from these very same scans.Once I have isolated a few picks,then it is time to switch to day-trading techniques to get an entry/exit.I like your Slow Stochastic 5,3,3 Zuber,it follows price closly.More indicators I like are PPOh3,6,6 CCIh6,6 and a new one I found WTSI6,3,3 these are on MEDVED.To get comfortable on a daily chart, you should gain the confidence to enter/exit any chart at any time,be it MSFT-EBAY-JDSU-QQQQ ,thats all theres to it!I have posted a visual on Elite Trader-Journals-Trading The Marquee.

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5/27/2006 1:44:53 PM

Alf, nice post on the dma(3,3). I would add that this tool is very helpful in confirming meaningful divergences. What I like to do is first identify stocks where the MACD is diverging from price. The confirmation is when price closes below the dma(3,3). Pull up a chart of Global Crossings with the MACD, RSI and dma(3,3) applied. Check out the nice sell signal on 5/11/06.

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5/27/2006 3:30:25 PM


Thx for the info. I've used this damn thing for a long time, but have yet to give much thought from the vantage point you laid out. I simply use mine in conjuction with other wiggly lines, namely to find ideal looking patterns to decipher potential turning points. I'd love to fill you in the detail, but I feel that others would not approve of it. It just ain't certified by the RSI(2) boot camp.

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5/27/2006 11:28:03 PM

thanks max & niko !

Let me just say this...IN REALLY BIG CAPITAL LETTERS !



Sorry, couldn't resist.

Perhaps some here will see just how foolish that sorrta crap looks.

NAA-AHHH ! Not gonna happen !!!

Thanks again !



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