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12/27/2022 2:16:27 AM

a few suggestions to improve this site:

1. ability to import another filter by name, and build on top of it, and allow multiple imports. this will allow to configure "modules". now there is only 1 "module" which is the global filter, but i wish that there was a way to have custom imports.
2. ability to sort by column name. (why? more generic, and for example: if the global filter adds columns, then when turning global filter on/off it messes up the sorts)

I actually have a lot more suggestions and things that i want to see... i'm just not sure how much this website is active.
I'm paying a subscription, but are you still building new features? is it worth it to try to suggest new things? (see also my post about the issue with splits...)

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1/4/2023 11:30:53 AM


1. Your first suggestion is a nice suggestion but I suspect it will be ignored by SF unless you contact them directly.

I have a couple of workarounds that may interest you:

a. post your module filters either separately or as a group, with each module commented out so it doesn't run and then go to any of your posts and click on your name in the top left corner to access the SF history of all of your posts then copy and paste the modules you want to the script you are currently working on.

b. Export all of your scripts to a text file and leave it open so you can copy and paste to the filter you are working on. There is an easy way to export under "Account"

c. Under My Filters make your 1st filter the storage area for your best modules for cut and paste purposes.

2. Your 2nd is probably harder to program than you think since SF is a text based scripting language and choosing column positions for which one to use to Sort is probably a lot easier.

3. I think the last improvement was a couple of years ago when they added the red "view latest" line to the different forums. I doubt we'll see any more unless someone new takes over the company. If you look at some of KSK8's post you can see it was discussed for a short while a few months ago.

Ed S.

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