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2/15/2007 8:03:29 AM

Character is what one does, not what one says. If it was all about words, politicians would have the greatest character of all. Riggs has spent countless hours helping people out here and drawing out extensive filters, as well as, specific instructions for entrance and exit. I've still yet to see anyone that criticizes and bashes him offer one-tenth the help that he has.

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2/15/2007 9:46:35 AM

AS214, WRONG! What comes out of the mouth is a reflection of the heart.

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2/15/2007 1:12:18 PM

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...pooooor Riggsy...

Apparently, after never reaching the pinnacle of his own VSE game (as he boasted here on this thread that he would) and actually plummeting further and further behind the other VSE "players"...he has (in a last gasp effort to save face) DELETED HIS OWN SELF FROM HIS OWN GAME !!!

There is no joy in Mudville...THEMIGHTYRIGGS has struck out !

ROFL !!!

Too funny !



Is that really true, alf44?

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2/15/2007 1:23:12 PM

...uhhh...yes !

Put it this way...his screen name ("TheMightyRiggs") just vanished from the list of "players"...AFTER...he had fallen several places lower in the player standings...and HE is the "game administrator" and therefore is the ONLY one who can delete players.

So...I would have to assume that Riggs deleted his own self ! LOL

I'm sure however that he will have an interesting explanation for it.

Can't wait to hear it !



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2/16/2007 4:39:29 PM

Ahh's really quite simplw alf44, and TRO.....

Since I have taken over the full duties of everyday trading,

I felt I deserved a FRESH start. And since I'm the game CEO,

I aloud myself this "fresh start." You will be seeing me back

in the top 10 very can count on that! Glad to

see you keeping time with my game ALF...just wish you would

start trading again with us. Since I busted you two playing...

I noticed you haven't made a trade since. You know what that

means don't you?......


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2/16/2007 6:27:19 PM

ROFLMAO !!!'re delusional !!!



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