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3/2/2021 9:13:50 AM

Hi, help needed, trying to find phrasing to find stocks that are within x % from all time high. x=a number of my choice. thanks in advance

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3/2/2021 5:16:28 PM

ALL TIME HIGH LIST: Also try this
Fetcher[price reached a new 700 DAY high]

I'm sure someone will help you with the percentages.Best,Mike...

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3/3/2021 5:25:24 PM

is it possible in SF to show stocks that are within 10% of new 52 week high.

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3/3/2021 7:03:30 PM

/*The first 3 lines is all you need */
set{52wh,high 52 week high}
set{10p,52wh * 0.90}
close > 10p

/*The rest of this is just bells and whistles */
set{pdiff1,close / 52wh}
set{pdiff2,1 - pdiff1}
set{pdiff,100 * pdiff2}

draw price line at 52wh
draw price line at 10p

add column 52wh
add column 10p
add column pdiff {Percent from 52-week high}

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3/4/2021 2:39:52 AM


The following snippet of filter code from the Xarlor library of filters, shows within 5% of 52 week high both above and below which you can easily modify for 10% if that's what you were looking for.

Ed S.

set{5b,high 52 week high * .95}
set{5a,high 52 week high * 1.05}
close > 5b
close < 5a

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3/4/2021 1:30:57 PM

Thank you so much for your input, its much appreciated...Dave

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