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3/21/2009 10:17:52 AM

what im looking for is a data feed for end of the day block trades- i know market watch give you all the stock with block trades-im wondering if these results can somehow be exported to a spread sheet- and then be programmed into a 50 day moving average of the total block trade volume for each stock-and having 0 for the stock that didnt have any block trades- if this can be done i can show you how to make a fortune i mean take 1000$ to 1 million in 1-3 months- please email me at lerogee-- just to prove how accurate my system is- in the last 10 trading day- i took a 300$ options accout to 15000$ trading the c bac and wfc march callls- what im looking for is actually block trade volume spikes- if i find them then i can see if they were buys or sells- this is >90% at predicting the stocks next move by the people who control the stock market-they always leave a big foot print-her are a few examples--lets look at the rsi(2) bottom on 3-6-09---when aig hits low of 0.33 @0.35 the big brother bought a largr block trade of 3 million shares---2009-03-06 16:02 0.350 2,928,300 1,024,905 - and they continued to buy it all the way to 2.01 6 days later-then they sold at the top and when it hit its next bottom at 1.06- they bought it again--this time 9 million shares at yesterdays close---3/20/2009 4:02:00 PM 1.260 9,103,300 11,470,158 - this stock is at 1.21 now and will go to >3.50 on its next move up- and i can show you thousand of example like this- ican can track the stocks i know about- but is the lightly traded ones that you make the most money on- for example there was a rumor in may 2007 that msft might buy aqnt - on may 15 16 and 17 of 2007 suddenly there was a giant block trade volume buy spikes whie the stock was near 35$ i jumped right on this and got 500 contracts for the june 45 calls for 0.05 a share- it cost me 2500$-- the news came out on the 18th that msft did buy them out-aqnt went 35-65$ and those 45 june calls went 0.05-20$ for a 40000% gain in 1 day-- now i have missded 98% of this big merger or fda approval moves because i didnt have block trade volume spike on them- eye in jan went from 7-22$ over the weekend and the jan 12.50 calls went 0.05-11$- we had one on jave just this week- when it was bought out- the march 6 cal went from 0.01 to 3.33 ib 1 day-

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3/22/2009 1:49:04 AM

i can try my hand at

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