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9/30/2009 7:27:25 AM

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10/16/2009 3:09:31 AM

Smartec Holdings Inc (MBCI)
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10/23/2009 3:11:05 AM

“This tiny company has developed a new way
to spot cancer cells so far in advance...
The cure rate can be 90% to 95%.
This is NOT a theory — they’ve already done it!
"Here’s why I see this $1 stock literally skyrocketing!”
Get this: They did a pilot study looking at 13 patients with ovarian cancer-half of which went through chemotherapy. They examined the blood of these patients with the antibodies that they themselves have developed.
Shockingly, the result stunned even skeptics. MabCure's antibody detected cancer cells remaining in the blood of all 13 patients.
Every other test had missed them. This proves that their antibody was highly sensitive, extremely specific and accurate. Not to mention it gave doctors an advance notice of the patient's true condition. Truly life saving stuff here!
They also conducted a test of 30 patients with melanoma. One of their antibodies, designed s pecifically to find these particular cells, did so in 30 out of 30 patients. It correctly identified 100% of the different melanoma cells.
This breakthrough is astonishing!!!

Dear Investor:
To understand what I'm about to tell you, you have to almost think in military terms for a moment. Then it all becomes crystal clear.
It will take you two minutes and the payoff can be so huge, MabCure (MBCI) could easily be the greatest gainer you've ever bought.
Sure, Alpharma went from $3 to $61, turning $5,000 into $101,500-and Chattem soared from $2 to $79, producing a $197,500 gain on a $5,000 investment.
But even these giants have not matched the accomplishment of this tiny, unknown enterprise-revolutionizing the attack on cancer to the point where this illness could be taken off the most feared list.
MabCure (MBCI) is just $1 a share at the time of this writing. Here's why it could actually go much, much higher.
Let's return to my military example so you can quickly understand the enormity of their accomplishment.
You're fighting an enemy that you can defeat. You have vastly superior firepower. And when you catch them, you always win. It's like guerrilla warfare.
The problem is catching them. They're evasive, shrewd and very difficult to detect before they strike with devastating effectiveness. Now imagine this.
You developed a way that lets you locate every single one of them well before they can harm you. I'd say that you've won the war. That's precisely what MabCure (MBCI) has done for melanoma, prostate and ovarian cancer.
The Rules Have Changed: You've Stripped Away their Hiding Places, Turned the Light On, They're Cornered. You're Finally Winning the War
MabCure (MBCI) has developed a series of antibodies that can mark cancer cells at their earliest stages. I'm going to assume that your knowledge of medical terms equals mine-you need things explained so you can understand them. An antibody is simply a protein molecule that attaches itself to a cancer cell so the cancer cell can then be found.

Think of the antibody as a friend planting a bright orange "flag" in the target so it can be destroyed using existing treatments. This extremely specific, safe, no-side-effects targeting of cancer cells has HUGE benefits.
What options do we have today for killing these cells? Chemotherapy is a non-specific method of attack. This simply means that it destroys all the cells it touches, including healthy ones, weakening the immune system. This is one reason why patients get so sick.
When You Find Out What Chemotherapy Really
Does and How Ineffecive It Is, You Wonder,
“Why Aren't They Telling Us This?”
It's THAT Bad!
I asked a doctor friend of mine why So many people are on chemotherapy. His answer greatly surprised me. He said, "When a family member gets sick, the family expects us to do something. This is the best we have at the moment."
Chemotherapy is the country's most popular way of "fighting back." However, when you learn the facts by looking at the statistics, it's truly appalling. Its side effects are awful and its success rate is so low, it's eye-opening.
This is very important because it gives you a sense just how valuable MabCure's discovery is. We now have a new and better option that locates only cancer cells.
Chemotherapy works by targeting ALL cells, including the healthy ones. That's like getting rid of the criminals on a city block by leveling the entire block with endless carpet bombing. It makes no sense. Here's what experienced doctors and institutions report.
• Dr. John Diamond says it might work 7%of the time: "Chemotherapy's success record is poor. It can achieve remissions in about 7% of all human cancers. This type of survival is not the same as a cure or even restored quality of life."
• Chemotherapists admit that they wouldn't take Chemotherapy: Dr. Mercola reports, "It's especially telling that in a number of surveys, most chemotherapists have said that they would not take chemotherapy themselves or recommend it for their families."
• John Hopkins University calls it a real failure: "Destroying cells with whole body chemotherapy has a dismal record."
• Dr. Ulrich Abel reports on the "appalling" results: "Success of most chemotherapy is appalling. There is no scientific evidence for its ability to extend in any appreciable way the lives of patients."
• Dr. Ralph Moss says there's no proof it works: "There is no proof that chemotherapy in the vast majority of cases actually extends life."
• The non-profit medical organization, Alternative Medicine says it will kill you first: "Chemotherapy strong enough to kill the cancer would have to be strong enough to kill us first."

Compare this approach to the one MabCure (MBCI) invented. The MabCure breakthrough can target only cancer cells for elimination and there are NO terrible side effects like chemotherapy which poisons every cell, including healthy ones.
When I say that MabCure is going to revolutionize this field, this is exactly what I mean. It's not a slogan or a far-off hope. It's not a grand dream of mankind. It's already been invented, it's here and the results are beyond impressive.
This is why I'm so convinced that shares in MBCI could rocket into the stratosphere!
I urge you to read more about MabCure by following the link below and to consider adding MabCure shares to your portfolio.

Smartec Holdings Inc (mbci)
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1.12 1.12 1.15 -2.61 % 1.09 - 1.16 377000

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