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10/18/2009 7:32:47 PM

trying to find how to program a filter to show stocks that have bounced off an exact price at least 2 times within x number of days without breaking that price (which would be the 20 day low)

I tried...

show stocks that have not been above 20 day high for the last 1 day

show stocks that have been .05 cents from the 20 day high at least 2 times

this is for resistance of course...

Here is another filter I came up with this ... stockfetcher support sent me this which I thought worked because it showed me what I wanted but excluded much of what I wanted for I do not know why, I think because of the mod and because of other things explained below)

set{xHigh, ceil(high 6 month high)}
set{xThres, xHigh - 0.04}
draw xThres on plot price
and count(high above xThres, 30) > 3
and count(high reached a new 6 month high, 30) equals 0
and close > 4

I want to see: stocks that have bounced off the same exact price at least 2 times in the past x amount of days


Stocks that have bounced within .02 cents of the same price at least 2 times in the past x days

The purpose of this filter, is quite simple and is BEST explained through example. If you will look at a 50day chart of the stock AMAT you will notice a "resistance" level at 14$ where on 4 different days it went to the price of .98 cents. The filter I want scans for setups like this where we have the high for an X amount of days and then it goes back to within .04 cents of this price at least one more time during this same time period but does NOT break that high by more than .04 cents.. So it can go to .96, .97 or .98 cents but does not get over .01 cents for example...I believe it is very obvious to see this on the AMAT daily chart 50 day @ 14$.

In our filter, it is a 6 month high where the count above xthres is more than 3... so I guess it went in our "range" 3x... but the next count, and count(high reached a new 6 month high, 30) equals 0, makes no sense to me for our filter, to me if anything .. it RE-filters my results out to not show new highs in the past 30 days... which I just do not understand... there has to be a better way to program into the filter we do not want the price to eclipse our resistance level....

what is the point of the SECOND count filter because I am pretty sure the first one is just saying it has to get there at least 3x which is fine I can make that to a 2 for my needs.

so for 6 months if it is a 30 count there, I was curious what to make it for a 3 month.

I also have been fooling around with this for support...

show stocks where low 4 day high minus low 4 day low is below 0.04

This was sent to me at first by stockfetcher but did not hit the right scans and I did not know why...

In essence I want to see stocks that in the x amount of days have:

Bounced off the same exact price at least twice without going under

and a filter

Bounced off the same price within .03 cents without going under

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