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6/22/2005 11:50:08 AM

first i want to thank you so much for the welcoming and your hard work for trying to help me for the "ten red days sighn"

iguess i understand the first one but the second one its complicated for me as i know my self i m not so goood in to formulas but i have good eye catch :)
so take this as a "partner ship" lol/

the day yo send the formula one catch my eye it was LCI the problem in LCI its the very low volume but we take this an example.see whatt happened after two days ... one more now to watch a one with a bigger ema volume is HSII lets see within one two days what wiil happening with this two

the psycology about this concept its simple that you cn see this coorection happening in some up trend and my mind said that the "big boys" take the 'WEAK HANDS"out of the game.
for making your formula one step further we can put thre a sign that the up trend move is not finish as STOCHRSI(28)IS ABOVE 0.50
and RSI 15 IS ABOVE 30
maybe you can back test this i dont know how to do this.

if this "sign" occur in a n down trend its very dangerous i think.
i didnt check this for alot of stocks so take my word just an idea.
i m just learning the stock market i m just 5 months in to this/

thx again and i m sorry if it was
and my english its not so well so understand.

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6/22/2005 11:57:13 AM

and one more thing that i forget after this nice downtrend it should be a nice candlestick reversal pattern.iits make this more good.

and if you want you can take this and try to make some opposoite for selling SHORT 10 green days.

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