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2/27/2005 2:17:27 AM

I would like some opinions please.

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2/27/2005 11:31:58 AM


I have been following GTEL for some time. I am looking for a correction here, before I get back in. I think the statelite has enormous potential. Reread the PR stating the summit was a big deal. Notice all the military brass in attendence? When they announce contacts, I say she heats up big time. Keep in mind, anything over .38 is all blue sky. If you can use a stratilite as a communication platform, why couldn't the military also equip one with survelience equipment and position one over Iran? Suppose that was tossed around when they broke up in small groups at the summit. One thing that I don't like is their O/S, over 3/4 billion but she runs hard on news. Contract news would be stellar. IMO


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2/28/2005 6:56:52 AM

GTEL has been discussed many times on the Stockfetcher/muddy/yahoo group since its squeeze/vol/breakout on 12/14 with a vol increase of 4 mil shares to 25 mil,on breakouts like these many of us put up the EMA13/SMA20 indicators and wait for a pullback from the ubb into this zone,you will see since that date GTEL has not violated that zone since but bouncing beautiful quite a few times giving very nice gains,myself i first entered on 1/18 which was a huge vol surge day from 6 mil to 67 mil,in at .13 ( the first alert in the group was made on 12/30 at .11 on another vol surge day ).... this stock has become a longer holders dream as well as a day/very short term traders dream to grab quick nice gains,an example just Friday someone in our MSN/BNG group chatroom alerted it as it was going green with the bottom shadow bouncing right off the EMA/13 at .278,it quickly ran to a close of .314,giving a great quick profit of 13%,Wed was even better giving a profit of 27% after coming out of that zone

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2/28/2005 2:08:00 PM

aparently not much higher :(

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2/28/2005 8:19:42 PM

not much higher today. take a look at the weekly indicators, fast stochs,slow stochs, macad: all turning over some. Perhaps just temporary. A correction is warranted here. Nothing that goes straight up is sustainable. The last few RR's have told you that. Now go back to the PR of 2-14: Ms. Raveendran Greene has joined the board of GTEL, replacing Dr Hilton. She has several ties to the Asian telecom industry. Why would you want someone on the the board with ties to the Asian telecon market when you are on the verge of redefining wireless. Go figure. Now for todays PR: Mr. Robert Jones, formerly of NASA, USAF, will be heading up the new SBU for Govermental Services, AKA Military. You don't get this caliber of people just of the street.
TA is not everthing.
Give the stock a rest and do some DD.
I have followed GTEL when it was ADGI and into human seirum albumum from China. Alot of people over the years have called this a P & D. When it got into wireless before the internent bust it poped. Just to go down in flames with the rest of the telecom sector. Well guess what, the telcom sector has not been asleep.
This is a general discussion thread. Look at the charts if you want. This run stared about .10, went to .37. Thats .27 gain. 50% fib retracment would give .235 as a base. If you think (as Elliot might) this is just the first advance wave, then 1.6x.27=.432+.235(base)=.667. This would be the second leg. Thats if the fundamentals allow constriction to mathematics. All I can say is this: flip it if you want, DD it if you want, but I don't think any form of rational interpritation will work here.
Standard methidology does not work on cutting edge.

I just went to the corner and collected the shattered pieces of my cyrstal ball. After much superglue, it has revealed this:
1. First contracts with the miltary.
2. Expansion into Asian telecom.
3. Sales to NATO.

I think this stock is DUE a rest. Give you some time for some DD. To me the PR's (while meaningfull), say the same thing.

FYI: out at .32, still holding in ROTH & IRA.


BTW: anybody following BCON ? The technology here has my mind spining.

Peace Be With You

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3/2/2005 3:26:23 PM


Brokedown: Thank you very much

Wallman: Thanks a lot.

rsarno: Thank you.

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4/8/2005 9:23:14 PM

You'll see in my 2/28 post i mentioned i'm in here at .13 on 1/18 and said this is "a longer holders" dream,well it has been,i added a ton more in the last few days on vol spikes at .26,.28 and .30,we're at .36 now and have a 3 day stairstep vol increase from 11 mil to 28 mil to todays to todays 47 mil,looking good so far,let's see what next week brings

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4/9/2005 12:26:39 PM

Hey Wallman, do you think they will ever learn to listen to you?

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