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6/20/2013 6:00:40 PM

Hi Support ,

i want to add the following columns to my search results table for each stock according to the following
can you assist how to add those ?

The columns i want to add are : FDP , Limit1 , Limit2 , Limit3

here the explanation how to calculate each colum:

N = 5
MA = 50

F = ((Highest[5] / Lowest[5]) - 1)*100 // Explanation : F = ((High for last 5 days) / (Low for last 5 days) -1)) * 100
FDP = ExponentialAverage [50] (F) // Explanation: FDP = EMA(50) of F
limit1 = FDP * 0.4
limit2 = FDP * 0.6
limit3 = FDP * 0.8

Now after i have those colums Is there any way to watch the values for specific stock

if i put manualy the Stock symbol into Stock Fetcher screen , i want to know what are the values

of those colums for any stock i will put even if i don't make any scan ? how to do this ?



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6/20/2013 6:03:12 PM

this is just the same calculation N , and MA are used here as variables

N = 5
MA = 50

F= ((Highest[N]/Lowest[N])-1)*100
FDP = ExponentialAverage[MA](F)



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6/20/2013 11:03:36 PM

Try using

add column
or add column macd histogram(12,26,9)

and sort column 9 descending

You can change the number to what ever you would like. I myself like to sort column so If I look back at yesterdays compared to to it will sort by descending order. Maybe some of the other Old salts here can help you with what you asking.
other little tricks are -

I set some of my charts at a default of 1 year or higher
then I can always add different days

chart-time is 75 days
Volume to Average ratio

set{ratio, volume /average volume }
and add column ratio

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