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10/7/2006 10:46:54 AM

these are stocks that fall 20-80% in 1 to 5 days- the question every body want to know is when do i buy at the bottom- all you have to do is use a 50 ema with 15 minute bars and it becomes a buy when a stock crosses above it and consolidates on that line- about 80% of the time this is right before a big move up for example on gnta 2$ down to 0.35- it became a buy at 0.48- 4 days later you sold right at the close at 1.10 when the daily rsi(2) was at 99.8% then you bought it agin at 0.70 a few days ago when the rsi(2) daily was at 4%- if you are playing options this is the explosion point- rimm went 86=104 on good earnings- then fell to a low of 98.75 and when it got to 99.80 it became abuy using the 15 min ema 50- you bought the 110 oct for 0.60 and the 115 oct calls for 0.15 at it high yesterday of 112$ the 110 was at 6.50 and the oct 115 was at 3.90 for a 1000% and 2700% gain in 3 days

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10/7/2006 10:51:06 AM

and also using the 30 and 60 min for the intraday rsi(20 you got a big negative divergence at its high of 112 a sell which i sold the 115 oct call for 3.45 and when it fill to 108.50 where the 15 minute rsi(2) was 0 i bought back the oct 115 call for 1.20 at the close

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10/7/2006 12:03:10 PM

That's awesome Mary looks like you found your Holy Grail congratulations. BTW I really liked your Nasdaq Bottoming filter. A few of those stocks that showed up on there also showed up on my valuation screens. PDCO at 30 was an example..

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10/7/2006 1:38:24 PM


Thanks for posting your observation concerning EMA(50).

I think it makes a nice addition to any chart as an added visual tool, not just to catch a falling knife.

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