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12/28/2006 5:06:18 PM

can I build a filter that would display values for a specific symbol?

for example something like

show stocks where symbol = xyz
display ATR(30) ATR(10) and ATR(5)

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12/28/2006 5:55:14 PM

open equals ind(qqqq, open) and volume equals ind(qqqq, volume)

add column atr(5)

add column atr(10)

add column atr(30)

Change qqqq to whatever stock you want.

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12/28/2006 6:22:53 PM

Thanks.. need a better way to set those inital stop simple 3 % rule keeps biting me in the ass. So I thought doing a quick ATR check would be appropriate and adjust the inital set accordingly.

I have found your posts on this forum rather enlighting and entertaining...
I'm rather new at this game, but love the numbers, all this looks a lot like calculus and differencial equations in my warped mechanical mind....I think the green fuction applied to this approach of stock investing/trading could be very interesting. Anyways back to reality...

I akin this to flyfishing...which I know I've mastered's boils down to a matter of reading the water, looking in the right places, understanding the time of year and other influences...and appraoching things systematically with the ability to adapt quickly to changes, plus save guards of course.

I've read the technical trading bible by Mcgee and Murphy (wow to think this stuff has been around since the beginning of time) and as reccomended I have been playing via a simulator for a couple of months...

but as with fishing...what special things should one do when you hook a big one?

In my simulator SNDA shows a 45% return since 11/13/06 I found it using this tool - keeping it simple and watching assending triangles - with a feel for high initial volume and low end volume at the price consolidation apex of the triangle.

I understand compunding, can derive it anyway you want, but think/feel there must be a way, when one realizes they have a big one on, to add more $ to really make a score...any rules, stratagies, guidance on this concept?


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