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2/13/2005 9:10:53 PM

Would sure like some relative strength measures on industries. Anything coming in the future from SF? Sorry, dont want to nag but...

After many years Im still tying to "behave" well in the stock market. To me this 1st means getting my money on the table in QQQQ's and SPY when the market stops falling. (have sat out some good uptrends, couldnt pull the trigger and then felt I'm too late: wrong!). Next is industries SMH etc... then individual stocks. If I can say at the end of this year "I cant hit the nail on the head but generally I traded positions in the ups/downs of the market, good performing industries, and, their top performing stocks fairly well" then I'll be happy. I do realize that the very best position traders would like to say the same thing but to them it would mean big bucks.

Now, I keep 2 full watchlists with 10 stocks from 40 industries and use a handfull of simple oversold and breakout filters. Using for industy performance. Any other websites good for industry info?. I am going to try to forget 10,000 stocks that whiz past me so fast that I cannot act. (Avery and others have posts along these lines focussing on selecting a few stocks and learning to trade/manage money). I'll try.

Qusetion: This filter: "Show stocks where the count(close touched ma(20),20) is above 4 and 200 day slope of close > .1 and avg vol(90) > 500000 and price > 20 and offset is 61" showed a sector consolidating from about 62 to 58 days ago. Is this likely to show future industry consolidation ? Of course the sector could have fallen off a cliff, but, it was a leader and it didn't.
Lastly, are there others out there that would like to start a thread along these lines. "dont forget CLF,X, because you had a bade trade in them 2 years ago" or " ouch, bought DHI a day late after breakout and just got weak news on that sector" or "SMH above ma(20), stonger than QQQQ below ma(20)" or "AKS ?whats up with steel now?" or "casinos: WOW" etc.... Anyone?

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