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3/10/2004 10:23:31 AM

Dear fellow subscribers;
After 20 years of old-fashioned buy-n-hold and mutual fund dabbling, I’m just starting
to study charting and tech analysis, despite being an old fart with an obvious handicap,
namely an advanced case of acute A.D.D. brought on by too many years in the rat-race,
some guy named Jerry, and maybe some of those crazy events in the ‘70’s that are only
hazy shadows now.
I plan to start out slow, trying to get my tired old brain around a lot of these tiny
details and foreign-to-me concepts that most of you younger and smarter guys discuss so
well, and to also do a lot of paper trading before I risk any real money.
My question is this: do any of you have any suggestions for me as to elementary-level
concepts and tactics and their attendant screening formulas that I could try as I dabble. I
would be willing to re-pay in kind with any info I could share back in fields I know, i.e.,
sporting clays, fly-fishing techniques, field dog training, or maybe what I’ve learned about
dating younger women in this wildly capricious third millennium. Or perhaps in one or
two other fields that I know but that just aren’t occurring to me at the moment. Thanks
for the help, in advance.

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3/10/2004 10:49:17 AM


Start by reading all the posts here on SF from the beginning, you will be amazed at what you can learn by doing that one thing, there are many knowledgeable members sitting in the background here, notably Muddy (Wallman), Keith Ray, Todd Dunning, Jabba the Hut, Petropeter, Zuber and many more, read all their posts and form your own opinion of what your trading style will be, most of the great filters are already posted here somewhere, and you will find them by reading old posts too. I don't believe in paper trading, try the Muddy Method it's about the most sure-fire method on this site. Try some searches by entering "wallman" in the box, read everthing he says and take notes. You will be up to speed in a few weeks.


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3/10/2004 5:40:01 PM

I would recommend that you get a book by Stan Weinstein called 'Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets'.
It is a good study in trendlines and pattern recognition. Definately good stuff.
BTW, I grew up in the 60s so I'm probably older than you and I just started trading in 99.

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3/10/2004 8:26:25 PM


Stan Weinstein's book "Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets" trained me to look at long term charts before making any buys, to see long term trends and find Phase 1 breakouts, a must read. I bought mine used online and saved money. Try eBay or just search for the book in Google. My book stays right by my computer for reference.


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3/10/2004 9:27:39 PM

Welcome !

Start slow … start simple … you can do so much with the basics. I started about 9 years ago by using only a 10 day moving average, and observing how it converged/diverged and crossed the price line… it gave me simple buy and sell points … and good profits! The market is need to be too.

There are many ways to trade ... bottom fishing ... momentum ... fibonacci's ... Elliot Wave ... Candlesticks ... some developed here at SF...and they all work.... pick a discipline and go with it... .

Know when to exit… either with a profit or a loss … and don’t be afraid to take a loss…... learn from it. Exit strategies are the most important part of a trade.... Analyze your risk/reward before getting into any trade.

Everyone here enjoys helping / guiding / and mentoring … so always ask !

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3/10/2004 9:29:59 PM

Iko, Iko…

There's a lot helpful traders on this site, so do read posts from the previously mentioned.
There's plenty of free information around the web and your local library ( if they don’t have it they might be able to get it). Also for a library that is just for traders checkout this library by mail site You can be loaned the book you request just for the cost of postage. I haven't tried it yet, but will be nice for those trading books that are hard to get at the local library. The following sites may also be helpful.

……One Man Gathers What Another One Spills……. …St. Stephen

Hope this helps,

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3/10/2004 9:34:32 PM


Any Good Tapes? LOL

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