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1/29/2010 10:08:55 AM

hi karen,

about yesterday's thread on the lows in the dow. i went back through my trade journal and found some differences in what was shown on the vix,dow, and nasdaq the day after i made my entries. have you been seeing this on your prophet charts?


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1/29/2010 10:17:58 AM

Sorry, I have NO charts at this time.
Prophet is DOA (discontinued), and I can't set up the darn ToS charts.
I have no clue what the market's doing.

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1/29/2010 10:25:37 AM

if you look at the thread Rocketfetcher started, you'll see that none of us knew Prophet charts were not going to be workin on TOS anymore.
I have NO charts today.
I've always HATED TOS charts.
Now, I have to spend the whole day trying to figure how to use them ... DURING TRADING HOURS!!
#&$#* #($( !!!

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1/29/2010 10:30:51 AM

They memtioned it an option seminar on Tuesday which I attended. Prophet is still working for me.

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1/29/2010 10:55:15 AM

karen & others,

I just had this chat with TOS support

09:48 jbierman: hello
09:48 jbierman: how may I help u?
09:48 EW: hi, word is going around that prophet charts are going to be discontinued. what can you tell me about this?
09:51 jbierman: will be shut down, but not Prophet on the TOS platform
09:51 jbierman: is a subxcription-based service
09:53 EW: ok, so there are no plans to take prophet charts away from the TOS platform?
09:53 jbierman: no, absolutely not
09:53 EW: ok thanks.

karen, if the charts are not working for you maybe restart the tos software, or check with support.


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1/29/2010 10:57:25 AM

oh great!
just when I got these TOS charts to work!!


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1/29/2010 11:08:13 AM

If you need a real-time view of the market, go to

Volume won't be accurate as they only get a feed from 1 exchange (BATS).

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