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12/8/2002 1:46:22 PM

Two questions:
1) What time frame does the "Outperforming Index" (Naz, S&P, Dow) use? I notice that SYMC and MCHP are not listed here and they are outperforming the Naz. Must be a time frame difference?

2) How can we use the Industry and Sector filters listed? What phrase to use to find stocks outperforming their industry or sector?

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12/9/2002 9:56:08 AM

Hi Jake,

The comparative relative strength (versus Nasdaq or Dow) uses a 30-day running comparison. We are looking to provide more flexibility and customization with respect to that measure.

Additionally, your suggestion about comparisons within a particular sector/industry is something we will definitely look into as well. This would also lead to a feature where you could compare stocks versus ones in your watch-list; effectively creating your own index!

Thanks for the feedback and we will keep you posted with any progress!

Tom Support

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2/29/2004 1:19:29 PM

Hey Tom,

When can we expect comparisons within a particular sector/industry? Has there been any progress made in this area? I could really use this.



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3/2/2004 12:34:44 PM

I am also interested in the Sector capabilities of StockFetcher. I have set up a filter on each of the Sector listings to try and pre-determine the next Sector to move into the lead. Here I ask StockFetcher to show me the number of stocks whose close is higher today than yesterday. I then use a spreadsheet to see what Sector is consistently posting higher prices. Recently it has been the Energy Sector. My next step is to try and find the leading stocks in that Sector. I am new to SF, and just learning. Help is appreciated.

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7/27/2005 12:11:03 PM

Still need to be able to compare sectors with index, or compare stocks to sectors (not just nasdaq, s&P, etc.) What's up??

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8/3/2005 7:44:44 AM

what's going on ?

I can't compare industry to Index.

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